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Organic lip butters for lips that are always moribund
Organic lip butters for lips that are always moribund

With organic butters you can say goodbye to skin and dryness and enjoy soft kissable lips from the very first stroke

THE bio lip butters I am the best ally, in any season, for dehydrated lips because they provide deep and safe nutrition while smoothing them, greatly improving their appearance.

What are organic lip butters?These are "lip balms" formulated with natural and organic ingredients up to 95% and absolutely free of harmful substances such as parabens, petrolatum, silicones and other synthetic substances. Perfect, if you think about the amount that is swallowed by the mouth every day!

What are the main ingredients of organic butters?Organic lip balms usually contain natural beeswax, coconut oil and natural butters such as shea and jojoba. All enriched with vegetable and essential oils which, in addition to soothing, nourishing and moisturizing, give light and absolutely harmless fragrances.

Why do they work?These products work because their mixes of plant origin are very concentrated and penetrate deeply into the delicate skin of the lips without irritating it but treating it day after day and restoring its ideal levels of hydration.

Discover the best organic lip balm in the gallery!

Organic lip butters: our favorites

This balm based on sunflower, sesame, castor and jojoba oils with Alba wax and Candelilla wax is the product to always keep with you for hydrated and smooth lips.
An elegant stick with revitalizing and anti-aging properties. Its formula deeply hydrates and gives volume thanks to a natural collagen derived from dates palm extracts.
Style icon Linda Rodin has created a pure, organic lip balm with a selection of precious natural ingredients sealed with her beloved floral fragrance. The result is a good lip butter, delicately scented and delicious to put in your bag.
This lip balm is a real soothing and protective blend, formulated with 100% organic ingredients and certified by the Soil Association. Contains arnica, with soothing properties, as well as grapefruit, mint and rose essential oils.
A versatile lip balm but not only that soothes redness and deeply hydrates, even chapped skin. Based on coconut oil, jojoba, buriti, Alba wax and shea butter, it is enriched with a delicious note of cocoa butter.
This lip balm with a soft and silky texture is enriched with the delicate and precious fragrance of rose. Contains calendula oil, with strong soothing properties that heals small cuts and dryness, evening primrose oil and monoi oil, nourishing and protective.
A real caress for dry, dehydrated and irritated lips, created with pure natural ingredients: sweet almond and apricot oil, avocado butter, shea and cocoa that nourish and soften effectively. Extracts of berries and beeswax retain moisture for a long time.
A luxurious 100% natural lip balm with effective moisturizing power based on coconut oil, sunrise wax, avocado oil, shea, jojoba, cocoa butter and Vitamin E.
A light and deeply moisturizing fully organic lip balm. Contains cocoa butter and lime leaves. Strengthens the skin of the lips, reduces redness, nourishes and protects from harmful sun rays.
Delicate and fragrance-free, this butter cares for the lips of the whole family. Organic beeswax and natural oils defend against external aggressions, giving long-lasting hydration.
An organic, vegan conditioner, made with cold-pressed butters and oils, with a very soft, non-greasy and non-sticky texture. This version is infused with vanilla pods that give it a delicate and very sweet fragrance.
An organic butter designed for the most sensitive, irritated and red lips. Based on beeswax, shea butter, jojoba and almond, it keeps lips always hydrated even in the most extreme weather conditions.
A precious combination of ingredients of plant origin in a formula effective against dry and red lips. Contains deeply soothing and nourishing olive, jojoba and kukui oils. An ideal product against cold and wind with a delicate citrus scent.
This butter enclosed in a blister reminiscent of those for licorice, makes even the driest lips velvety and hydrated. Contains organic apricot, jojoba and rosehip oils that deeply nourish leaving a slight fragrance.
A lip balm rich in ingredients of plant origin and beeswax. Gives prolonged hydration that does not require continuous applications. Contains chamomile extracts that soothe and give a silky softness.
A lip butters kit dedicated to lip balm fanatics. Includes 4 versions of the iconic product in as many fragrances: Naked Lip Balm, Lemon Lip Balm, Peppermint Lip Balm and Rose Lip Balm. A real nourishing treatment made from less than 5 natural organic ingredients. Lip Kit by Skin & Tonic
For very hydrated and slightly colored lips, here is the ideal product, enriched with pigments and ingredients of natural and organic origin, available in 8 shades.

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