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The real houses of the TV series
The real houses of the TV series

Many of the most famous houses of the TV series are not at all in the sets rebuilt in the studios, but they are real, inhabited and open to visitors. We challenge you to recognize them all

If the interior settings of the most famous TV series they are, in most cases, reconstructed in the studios, the exteriors are mainly those of real and real houses, inhabited, once the television role is finished, like all the others.

From the largest open-air film set in the world - New York - to the lights of Los Angeles, passing through more anonymous and difficult to find locations, if not by the most hardened fans, here are 16 houses that we have all seen and loved.

More recent or long gone in memory it is impossible to forget them.

The real houses of the TV series

The OC
This luxurious villa is located in Malibu, but in fiction it was located in Orange Country. Do you recognize it?
The oc-b
It is the beautiful home of the Cohen family, whose exterior was the backdrop to the first meeting between Marissa Cooper and Ryan Atwood.
Braking Bad
This low-rise, stately home is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico in reality as well as fiction.
Yes, you guessed it, it is the home of Walter White, the unforgettable protagonist of one of the most successful television series of recent years: Breaking Bad.
8 sotto un tetto
To recognize this quiet home on a Chicago suburb, you need to step back into your memory. We give you a clue: there were eight people living there.
(sotto un tetto b
Easy isn't it? It's Winslow's home in the hit 80s series Otto Under One Roof.
American Horror Story
To see it like this it looks like a quiet and elegant country house, in reality it was the scene of a thrilling series.
American Horror Story -b
It is the house at the center of the events of the first season of the successful American Horror Story series and is located, in fiction as in reality, in L.A.
Beverly Hills 90210
Do you recognize this lovely villa? We give you a clue, it is located in one of the most exclusive areas of America.
Beverly Hills 90210-b
It's really her! The house the Walsh family moved into when they came from Minnesota. In the fiction it was located in the exclusive Beverly Hills 90210, but in reality it is in Altadena, a small town north of Pasadena.
Downtown Abbey
There is even a castle. But do you remember which TV series this luxurious mansion belongs to?
Downtown Abby-b
It is the manor of the noble Crawley family in the cult series Downtown Abbey. Highclere Castle, this is the name of the property, is located in the English county of Hampshire, about 5 miles south of Newbury.
This mansion in the West Village, Manhattan, is one of the most photographed locations in the Big Apple. Do you recognize him?
It is the building of the television series Friends, now an unmissable destination for any self-respecting city tour.
House of cards
This house is located in Washington and was recently rented after its famous - and fictional - tenant moved with his wife to the most famous house in America.
House of cards-b
We are obviously talking about the house of the Underwood spouses from the House of Cards series.
New Girl
This anonymous mansion in L.A. Orspita one of the most beautiful lofts of the TV series. Photo
new girls b
Did you recognize him? It is the home of Jess, Nick, Schmidt and Wiston in the hit series New Girl.
La tata
To recognize this beautiful and luxurious house in Park Avenue, New York, you have to take a little step back in time.
la tata -b
It is in fact the beautiful house that hosted the fun adventures of busty nanny Francesca and Brodway producer Maxweel Sheffield in the hugely popular La Tata series.
Twin Peaks
This apparently quiet provincial house hides a mystery.
It is the home of the unfortunate Laura Palmer, from the cult 90s series Twin Peaks. In reality, the villa is not located at all in the town a few steps from Canada, as the fiction wants, but in Everett, also in the state of Washington.
It is one of the most famous television houses. In fiction it is in beautiful San Francisco, while in reality it is in Los Angeles. Do you recognize it?
It is the family home of the sisters Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, in the successful Steghe series.
Sex & The City
These are, perhaps, the most famous steps in New York.
sex and the city-b
In fact, what you see is the very famous entrance to Carrie Bradshaw's house in Sex & The City.
Dawson’s Creek
Do you recognize this classic country house? No? Perhaps by leaning a wooden ladder against the shed?
dawsons creek-b
It is in fact the home of Dawson Leery and is actually not in the fictional town of Capeside but in Wilmington, North Carolina.
Do you recognize this luxurious and dreamy beach house? We give you a hand, in fiction it is located in the exclusive Hamptons.
It is the home of Emily Thorne / Amanda Clarke in the Revenge television series.
Willy il principe di Bel Air
And this luxurious house with architecture similar to the white house?
Willy il principe di Bel Air-b
It is the unforgettable home of Uncle Banks in one of the most famous TV series of the 90s: Willy the Prince of Bel Air. And it's not in Bel Air at all, but in nearby Santa Monica.

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