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What to eat for breakfast to become more beautiful
What to eat for breakfast to become more beautiful

What to eat for breakfast to stay fit or lose weight, purify the body, have brighter skin or more beautiful hair: the foods to choose for each goal

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and the ideal time to do the full of energy.

Consumed regularly, and included in a healthy and balanced diet, a good breakfast improves, at any age, general health of the organism, helps wake up the body and brain and a keep the line.

But what what is best to eat in the morning just wake up for being energetic, feeling full without gaining weight, however purify and have one more beautiful skin it's bright?

A tip on all: if skipping breakfast is equivalent to leaving in reserve, having one too rich in sugar or fat (and lacking in nutrients) can start the day with the handbrake on.

Stop, therefore, the morning fasting and unbalanced breakfasts, and green light to the consumption of healthy and good food which are also good for the palate. Because, as they say, "good morning starts in the morning".

Here are the 12 better foods to eat for breakfast, to be chosen according to your well-being goal.


Spirulina algae breakfast for beautiful hair

It may sound a bit strange to think of add seaweed to breakfast, but considering yours energizing, super protein properties and the high concentration of iron, vitamins A, B, D and K. it may be worth a try.

Spirulina cleanses the liver and detoxifies the blood from free radicals and is not recommended only for those who are allergic to shellfish.

In addition to its renowned nutritional properties, Spirulina is a excellent tonic for the hair. It seems that the vitamin B contained in this alga helps hair to be stronger and shinier!

But that's not all: its draining and vessel-regulating function also helps counteract cellulite and favors the metabolization of lipids.

How to eat it for breakfast? Spirulina can be added to juices, yogurt, smoothies and in various recipes.


Deep hydration at breakfast with coconut water

Coconut water is a completely natural drink extracted from the less ripe, still green coconuts.

While coconut pulp is a high-fat food, liquid has very few calories.

Plus, coconut water is packed with five essential electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphorus, which help give the body everything the body needs for stay hydrated, prevent muscle cramps and live better.

Drank daily cleanses the kidneys, stomach and intestines; helps to preserve the natural hydration of the tissues, thus ensuring a more toned, supple and radiant skin.

The presence of lauric acid, a substance with antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties, makes coconut water a friend of the immune system.

Only a clarification: coconut water is not to be confused with coconut milk, which is made by adding water or milk to the ground coconut pulp, which makes it much more caloric than coconut water.


Beets for breakfast for brighter skin

Rich in iron and nutrients which counteract anemia and regenerate red blood cells, beets, thanks to the high concentration of folic acid and fundamental antioxidants, help to give skin look healthier and younger.

This vegetable also has detoxifying, purifying, antiseptic and mineralizing properties.

The ideal is to take it for breakfast, centrifuged or pureed together with other fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples, ginger. A real energy bomb and taste!


Satisfying breakfast with whole grains

To fill up with nutrients, give the right sprint to the day e feel full at least until lunchtime, but without weighing down, the breakfast of champions is based on carbohydrates, mainly contained in cereals (preferably al 100% wholemeal like the Nestlé FITNESS petals).

These sugars, taken at the beginning of the day, are easily absorbed by the body and ensure a constant and prolonged energy supply, able to avoid sudden changes in the rate of glucose in the blood.

Healthy and nutritious, cereals in the morning combined with milk or yogurt (also of vegetable origin), fruit, honey (for the sweet tooth) and a handful of dried fruit (walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts) are an excellent ally for the line and to start the day in the best possible way.


Purify yourself at breakfast with apple

Yellow, red, pink or green, apple is a perfect fruit for purification.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, but especially pectin (a fiber that helps keep blood cholesterol levels under control), apple for breakfast promotes intestinal transit, especially if eaten cooked, perhaps with a sprinkling of cinnamon.

In addition, it is rich in bioflavonoids, narginin and quercetin, which are protective and antioxidant substances.

One is concentrated in the peel of the more mature ones good amount of vitamin C. Also not to be underestimated is that the apple (raw) contributes to strengthen the gums and helps keep your teeth clean thanks to its fiber and oxalic acid content.


Antioxidant breakfast with blueberries

Undisputed protagonists of category of so-called superfoods, blueberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C, B (in particular B1, B2 and B3) and mineral salts (calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium and potassium).

Plus, they're yummy and perfect for breakfast in addition to cereals (preferably wholemeal), smoothies and centrifuged.


Super energy breakfast with dates

Those who do sports in the morning cannot get too heavy for breakfast, but working out on an empty stomach isn't healthy either.

The lack of sugar (and therefore of fuel for the body) then risks compromising the results of the training.

To get the right amount of morning energy, it is enough two dried dates, a healthy and nutritious food low in fat and rich in vitamins and fiber food (which improve digestion), which also contributes to lower blood cholesterol levels.

N.b.: after the sport session it is a must to have a rich breakfast based on whole grains, fruit, yogurt and everything you need to recover the fluids and energy used in training.


Sweet but light breakfast with stevia

For those at breakfast (and during the day) he can't give up the sweeter side of life, but wants to stay on the line, the low calorie natural sweetener ideal to use instead of sugar is the stevia rebaudiana, from whose leaves a product 300 times more sweetener than the common sucrose or chemical alternatives is obtained.

Perfect for sweetening tea or coffee, stevia can also be used for prepare homemade desserts with low glycemic content.

Among other properties, stevia is rich in minerals such as iron and manganese, vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins.

Furthermore benefits blood pressure, because with its hypotensive power it allows to control high blood pressure.

Thanks to the presence of flavonoids in its composition, it also fights free radicals responsible for skin aging, helping to keep it young.


Peppery breakfast to reactivate the metabolism

When they say "Add a pinch of pepper to … breakfast!", if it is then Cayenne pepper, that speeds up the basal metabolic rate burning fat, plus fights arthritis and muscle pain, it's even better!

But how to take it? In a centrifuge or cold pressed juice, or simply added to water (better if alkalized, which supplies the body with minerals and maintains water balance).


Protein breakfast with hemp

For vegetarians and vegans, but not only, the vegetable protein from hemp they are perfect for anyone who wants c obstruct and maintain strong muscle mass it's a fast metabolism.

Hemp protein powder can be eaten raw or cooked, added to other foods and liquids.

The simplest way to eat them is mixing them with fruit juices, homemade smoothies, yogurt and milk or their plant substitutes, such as hemp, almond, coconut, rice or soy milk etc.

P.s. hemp proteins, as well as for breakfast, are also very good mixed with any soup.


Boost your immune system at breakfast with ginger

Winter means dealing with flu and seasonal ailments.

But before you stuff yourself with medicine, why not try one natural cure (better if preventive) for increase the immune defenses of the organism?

Among others, a real cure-all is it ginger, which facilitates the elimination of harmful substances and accumulated toxins, benefiting the immune system.

To incorporate ginger into your morning routine, the ideal is add the fresh root to fruit and vegetable juices, or use it (even in powder form) to prepare hot herbal teas or cold drinks in summer.


Detox for breakfast with green tea

In winter it is more complicated than in summer to do detoxifying periods, but one cup of hot green tea it can help to achieve the goal.

In the large family, the tea bancha is a green tea of Japanese origin in leaves or twigs, a lot rich in calcium and capable of helping the immune system to stay strong.

To consume it, just boil the leaves or twigs in water for a few minutes, let it rest and then filter.

It tastes very different from the usual tea And it can be flavored adding mint leaves, lemon zest or ginger to increase its detoxifying power.