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Hair collected, take inspiration from the stars
Hair collected, take inspiration from the stars

Let yourself be amazed by the collected hairstyles of the stars seen on the red carpet. Soft collected hair, classic chignon and retro inspiration

THE Hair collected are the favorite hairstyle of star to show off on official occasions, where elegance is a must. We have selected the most beautiful hairstyles and refined from which to take inspiration, according to three different styles to match your mood of the moment.

Soft and romantic hair

A soft crop, a little disheveled, it suits romantic souls who love a style boho-chic. Let the frontal locks fall free and natural. The hairstyle does not have to be "perfect", but be almost casual and effortless. Take inspiration from the looks of Lily Collins, Lily-Rose Depp and Jennifer Lawrence.

Collected hair, the ballerina bun

The classic crop is elegant and rigorous, an evergreen that refers to the world of ballet, where discipline is the watchword. The hair is very tight and the bun, small and neat, can be high or low at the nape of the neck. The glamorous touch? Styling a wet look, like Emily Ratajkowski.

Vintage-inspired collected hair

The hairdo in retro style is the trend of the moment. Choose a crop in waves and with an androgynous allure if you love 1920s flappers, like Jessica Chastain.

Collected hair, the most beautiful ideas to copy from the stars

lily collins capelli raccolti
Lily Collins' hairstyle follows the romantic-decadent style of dress and makeup, with a very soft crop falling down the neck and loose side tufts.
gigi hadid capelli raccolti
To accompany the super glam and futuristic look, Gigi Hadid chooses a classic ballerina chigon, with tightly pulled hair and a high bun.
emily ratajkowski capelli raccolti
A simple and classic crop also for Emily Ratajkowski, really chic and elegant with a central parting and wet-effect hair.
emma stone capelli raccolti
Retro inspiration for the actress's crop, with a play of volumes and geometries and a slightly wavy styling.
emily blunt capelli raccolti
Natural and "messy" crop for Emily Blunt, with soft locks on the sides of the face and a disheveled effect bun.
jennifer lawrence capelli raccolti
The natural crop, with a slightly disheveled effect, immediately becomes refined if combined with the right make-up, with intense lipstick and well-emphasized eyes.
jessica chastain capelli raccolti
Vintage-inspired wet and wavy hair is the big trend of the moment. Try them in an updo, to make the 1920s flapper look contemporary.
natalie portman capelli raccolti
Retro inspiration also for Jackie's actress, always very elegant with her beauty looks, with a crop with hair worn and held back.
lily rose depp capelli raccolti
A hair look with a bohemian air that is well suited to the spirit of the young star. The long bob is gathered in a soft and messy way, for an effortless chic style.
margot robbie capelli raccolti
The actress's hair contouring is highlighted by this collected hairstyle, where the lighter locks that frame the face are left free.
lady gaga capelli raccolti
The singer's iconic platinum hair is pulled up in a rigorous chignon, with very tight hair and a low bun at the nape of the neck.
felicity jones capelli raccolti
A romantic crop with full bangs, to highlight the eyes and a regular and minute face.

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