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Copper colored nail polish for metallic nails
Copper colored nail polish for metallic nails

They reproduce the effect of liquid metal on the nails for a precious manicure

The copper-colored enamels they are inspired by the oldest metal that dresses the nails with chrome and shimmer reflections.

From pure and luminous shades of copper to more intense and blackened ones, up to those with a touch of rose gold inside, the copper-colored enamels recall not only the metal protagonist, but also the shades of rust, US pennies and more vivid flames.

Discover the copper-colored enamels to try in the gallery.

The copper-colored enamels to try

chooses the metallic finish for the nuance that recalls the rust color.
smalti-rame-NARS-Delos-Nail Polish
has a brown copper color with golden reflections.
makes the copper color even more refined by enriching it with bronze brown pigments with metallic shades.
pays homage to the glow of copper by embellishing the nuance.
recalls the soft copper color of a penny with a metallic finish.
chooses the shimmer finish to pay homage to the hue of the penny.
proposes on the nails the warm coppery reflections of the flames.
chooses the metallic foil finish for the burnt copper nuance.
smalti-rame-models-own-chrome copper
is the perfect copper-colored nail polish with a chrome finish.
softens the copper nuance with rose gold pigments.

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