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Are you sure you know the surname of the British royal family?
Are you sure you know the surname of the British royal family?

If you think the answer is Windsor, you are wrong: we tell you what they are really called

When it comes to the British royal family, many think that Windsor is the surname, but it is instead the name of the house.

Being part of the most famous royal family in the world, in fact, also allows you not to need a surname.

The reason? The Queen and her successors are perfectly recognizable by all

So the right answer to the question of the title is that the royals do not have a real surname, so much so that more often than not the members of the dynasty use the territorial term deriving from the noble title, such as William of Wales or Beatrice of York.

In reality, the question is a bit more complex and has its roots centuries ago.

We tell you about it in the gallery.

What is the surname of the Windsors

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Some of the family members use the family title resulting from the territorial designation if they need it. For example, when Prince William and Prince Harry did their military service they preferred to use the formula William Wales and Harry Wales, because their father, Charles, is the Prince of Wales. The same goes for Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, who adopted the surname York in homage to their father, Prince Andrew, Duke of York.
  • All the possibilities Anyway, anything is possible in the Windsor house. There are in fact other possibilities for members of the royal family: Princess Anne has decided to give her children simply the surname of their father, Phillips. Prince Edward's daughter, Earl of Essex, opted for the plain Windsor, without Mountbatten.

  • For the future The choice of the surname for members of the royal family is quite free, as can be understood from what is written on the site: «The proclamation of the family name by the monarch is not mandatory, unlike a law of Parliament. It is not binding on the line of succession, nor should it be seen as a precedent that must be respected by future rulers”. For the moment, however, until Charles ascends the throne by deciding otherwise his surname and that of his heirs will be Mountbatten-Windsor.

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