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Silver mirror effect nail polish
Silver mirror effect nail polish

Like molten silver on the nails, the manicure is embellished with the chrome and glitter metallic flashes of the silver nail polishes

The silver enamel is the protagonist of a precious, iconic manicure that leaves its mark.

In the chromatic variant it dresses the nails like a pure silver casting, creating one mirror effect manicure ultra reflective, while in the glitter version it plays with i multi-faceted reflections of the dazzling particles.

Discover the silver enamels to try in the gallery.

The silver enamels to try

dresses the nails with the chrome silver nuance enriched by a texture with an ultra-bright fresh look.
offers shimmering glows like silver metal foil.
is the glam choice for a silver manicure with a metallic mirror finish.
has a gel texture with a strengthening and hardening power for the nails rich in silver and multicolor glitter.
the seductive silver is inspired by the more famous Mr Gray and its 50 shades of gray in the collection dedicated to the film.
enriches the manicure with silver polish with a mirror chrome effect.
with very fine silver glitter suspended in a transparent base.
features a silver nuance with a glitter finish.
proposes an ultra reflective chrome silver.
gives the nails a melted silver effect.

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