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Why Chiara Ferragni and Fedez on Instagram Stories are better than a soap
Why Chiara Ferragni and Fedez on Instagram Stories are better than a soap

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez are not only the most SEO and social couple of the moment, but thanks to Instagram Stories also a valid alternative to soap operas, we explain why

Other than Brooke and Ridge, the most engaging soap of the moment has as protagonists Chiara Ferragni and Fedez and you can follow it every day and at any time on Instagram Stories.

The most famous fashion blogger in the world and the rapper, in fact, post with a great abundance of updates on their official channels and we can no longer do without them.

Who is already their fan knows what we are talking about, who is not unfortunately can no longer recover the previous episodes, since on Stories these clips remain visible only for 24 hours.

But don't worry, it takes very little to get to the heart of the plot and let yourself be passionate: it is one of those love stories for which you don't need paparazzi, journalists who act as a filter in the story or trade magazines. It's all at your fingertips.

In the gallery we tell you everything that has happened so far and, among the protagonists, extras, "Hi guys!", Plots and secrets that make this story so exciting, because once you start following them they will give you addiction.

Fedez and Chiara Ferragni on Instagram Stories: 10 reasons to love them

Ferragnni e Fedez Bacio Antefatto
The relationship between Chiara Ferragni and Fedez was initially pointed out as a little credible rumor, until a photo in Paris posted the same by both and some photos stolen in that of Milan confirmed the gossip. The story is born like a fairy tale, through a song. «I would like but not place» is the single in which Fedez mentions his princess with a funny tribute: «Chiara Ferragni's dog has a Vuitton bow tie and a collar with more glitter than an Elton John jacket». Whether it was bait thrown by our tattooed prince or not, it doesn't matter. They met for the first time at a "respectively engaged" dinner in 2015, then they met in late summer 2016 as a single and love was born. One of the reasons that hooked us to their relationship is the suspicion that their relationship was born at the table. But after all, what does it matter: for those who love gossip, two young, handsome, rich and not very reserved guys are a real godsend.
Chiara Ferragni blogger instagram stories chi e OK
She is the best known fashion blogger in the world and one of the best known personalities on the web. Her portal "The Blonde Salad" is the tip of the iceberg of an empire made up of an online shop, multiple collections of accessories that bear her name and sponsorships that make her one of the most influential women under 30 in the world. He is buying a house in Los Angeles and this offers us a very clear measure of the economic empire built in recent years with his hands. Very organized, very precise and immensely determined, she brought the taste for luxury and the practicality of the basic in the same place, making them compatible and coherent: even the princesses, after the dance, return to spread themselves on the sofa with their pajamas. Following her life divided between exclusive locations and a fast food every now and then, is a source of inspiration for aspiring princesses around the world.
Fedez X Factor chi e OK
Provocative, rather proud and with a joke always ready, he is perhaps one of the few artists in Italy who has his say uniting instead of dividing. Fedez doesn't like being called a rapper. He is one of the new protagonists of Italian music with record sales. He was the judge of the X Factor for three editions and his latest album "Pop-Hoolista" sold more than 200 thousand copies. Perhaps it is easier to say that he is a person with many ideas on his mind, who loves music and knows the audience by taking their pulse and creating hits without snobbery for pop. After the singles «I would like but not place» and «Absinthe» he is preparing to release a rich album with J-Ax, an adventure companion in Newtopia, a record label and management company founded in four hands with his uncle «Ax». The album, arriving on January 20, is titled "Communists with Rolex". He is the artist on the crest of the wave with the career path and the volume of loyal audience that everyone would like to have.
Luca Vezil e Valentina Ferragni comprimari Ok
If we were in the world of Barbie, the sisters Francesca and Valentina would be Skipper and Stacie, less famous but fundamental for the balance of our soap and perhaps of the entire universe. The first is a dentist and is the least famous of all, the second followed in the footsteps of Chiara. For those who are not satisfied enough with the story between Queen Ferragni and Fedez, they can also choose to follow the spin-off of Valentina with her inseparable (for over three years) Luca Vezil, model and one of the sweetest subjects that Instagram has ever had as a member second only to Japanese dogs. It is with them that the couple spends the evenings playing Taboo with their mobile phones, it is thanks to them that we can see the two lovebirds even when they sleep embraced, it is with them that they have the girls around Hollywood and the photos in the healthiest restaurants of Los Angeles.
Fabio Rovazzi e Fedez Assieme
Fabio Rovazzi, mistakenly defined first a Youtuber and then a rapper, was actually born as a comedian on Facebook. His videos posted on the page, starting from the unforgettable critical thrust on the already trollatissimo Francesco Sole, moving on to his infallible method of staying at home on Saturday night, have made him a little celebrity on the web. The rest was done by «Let's go to command» and «All very interesting», hits that climb the charts while the singers (the real ones or the presumed ones) are watching. It is part of that slice of heaven of those who made it because they didn't want it too much. Since working with Fedez, they are inseparable. In our soap is what in adolescent jargon would be called "The candelabrum", the one who is always with the couple to give the plot a comedy component, the one where the call "Rovagnati!" he always gets a laugh even when, behind his giant computer, he just wants to mind his own business. As in the best fiction, Rovazzi is an important glue to lighten the atmosphere when everything seems excessively sugary and too good to be true. It's like it's there to bring us all back to reality.
Chiara Ferragni Fedez Coccole Assieme
It is often said that in adulthood couples see little or nothing. "We say goodbye before going to sleep, if it happens". Instead the two, despite living about 14 hours and 10 minutes of flight (he in Milan, she in Los Angeles) see each other more than any couple, not only from a distance, but also of fellow villagers. Christmas in Los Angeles with the family? We all go! Does Fedez have to work on New Year's Day in Bari? The whole great Ferragni family moves to the capital of the tarallo. We love them because they are proof that long-distance couples with a certain budget can exist and we envy them because it always rains in the wet and we never a joy. Them in the heat of Los Angeles, we in the snow in Sicily. Them eating well in a farmhouse in southern Italy with a mega pool? We with a fever playing bingo.
Chiara Ferragni Selfie Two is better
What's cooler than being able to see a relationship from two points of view? Whether they're training at home with a beefy personal trainer (the very patient Ryan Lauderdale), going go-karts in a no holds barred competition or having a night at the Golden Globes one meter from the divine Meryl Streep, you have the chance to see the same events from multiple sides, one male and one female, one glam, the other rap. It is terribly romantic and a stalker tip to find the different shades of the two versions and compare them to get a more complete picture. If you also follow her friends, her sisters and whoever surrounds the two boys, the story becomes a novel and finally poetry.
Fedez Tatuaggi Braccia Orologio Chi e oggi Ok
In recent months on Instagram Stories we have met an unprecedented Fedez, very different from what the media and "hearsay" told us. Instead of X Factor's edgy and competitive Fedez, we have seen what Ferragni herself calls "Patato" or "My baby" every time she sees it, with the exact same reaction as when we see a kitten on Youtube giving paws on a mirror. The artist Fedez went on vacation and we met the person Federico, whom Chiara defines as one of the men with whom it is easier to be in her young life. When Fedez photographs her on the red carpet of the Golden Globe calling her "my potato" with the sweetest tone in her throat, you learn that in life the extreme machismo typical of her former rapper colleagues is anything but attractive..
Ferragni Chiara Cappello chi e diventata Ok
In the case of "The Blonde Salad" there was a watershed between the before and after Fedez. Before, she didn't speak much in the videos, she didn't make a lot of irony, she was more of a "soldier". She gave the idea of ​​being a bit cold in her social expressions in a less personal way. Thanks to Fedez she broke up, showing herself even in the most informal situations, engaging in funny situations involving Rovazzi and Fedez himself, helping him to choose clothes in the shops, chasing him to the bathroom or as soon as he wakes up. It makes him feel at ease in the most mundane situations, where Chiara is at home and Fedez might feel out of place. We had no doubts that Chiara Ferragni had character but here it seems that the growth parable of this young star is at an all-time high. We understand this while they tell us about this love which on paper is a bit odd but in reality it is simple because it is complicit and free of superstructures and stereotypes. This is why we identify ourselves, this is why we would like to be a bit like them.
Fedez Ferragni Foto Instagram Cosa ci aspettiamo dal futuro OK
A lasting relationship is now more unlikely than a rain of iPhone 7 Plus fallen from the sky, but as long as this relationship maintains its current vibrations, the soap «Fedez-Ferragni» will involve us making us believe that love, perhaps, exists. There will be less idyllic moments where the relationship will be put to the test in more intense periods of work. Well, we hope they face (and show us) these too and that their love can last as long as possible, because if they believe that they already have quite beautiful and lucky lives, we must all believe it. We hope that the unpolished and very funny attitude that has involved us so far remains unchanged. Above all, we hope to see them more and more together in everyday life, keeping their strong (and different) personalities solid. On the other hand, as Fedez says in one of his most famous songs: «Love is a point of arrival, a conquest. But there is no perspective without two points of view ».

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