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Elisabetta Canalis hair: color and the most beautiful hairstyles
Elisabetta Canalis hair: color and the most beautiful hairstyles

Wavy hair and soft waves characterize Elisabetta Canalis' hair looks, very often illuminated by balayage and lighter reflections. Discover her most beautiful looks

Elisabetta Canalis hair: here are the looks of the star who loves to enhance her Mediterranean features with bright make-up and minimal but super feminine hairstyles.

The key word in her hairstyle is "waves". Whether it is a light and slightly disheveled blur or a slightly more defined and elegant ring, Elisabetta loves to play with volume and movement to enhance her brown hair.

Although without radical "head shots" over the years Elisabetta Canalis has experimented with different hair looks and colors: from brown to caramel, with balayage and golden reflections. Discover them all in the gallery.

Elisabetta Canalis top hair looks

Elisabetta Canalis loves to play with her hair, experimenting with different shades. We find her splendid with her natural color: a dark and intense brown, which enhances her hair so shiny and full-bodied. Credits Ph.: Getty Images
A look that smells of summer: just like the skin, even the hair seems kissed by the sun of its beautiful Sardinia, lighting up with caramel-colored reflections. Credits Ph.: Elisabetta Canalis @littlecrumb_ on Instagram
On the Ariston stage, on the occasion of the Sanremo Festival, Elisabetta showed off silk hair rich in caramel-colored reflections. Curtain bangs are very long and softly pushed back. Credits Ph.: Getty Images
The watchword for Elisabetta Canalis is "softness". The hair slides over the shoulders with light movements. The layered lengths lend softness to a simple and elegant hairstyle. Credits Ph.: Getty Images
Charlie's Angels inspiration in a modern key for Elisabetta Canalis' hair look. Starting from the central parting, the super soft waves move backwards, leaving the face free. Credits Ph.: Getty Images
The stunning neckline on the back highlights a long, flowing lock of hair. Elisabetta opts for slightly decomposed waves that balance the elegance of the look. Credits Ph.: Getty Images
Thanks to her hair looks, Elisabetta proves that with brown you never get bored: hair with enveloping shades gives the hair intense and never banal reflections, to be customized according to your complexion. Credits Ph.: Elisabetta Canalis @littlecrumb_ on Instagram
To make sure that her hair is at the top, Elisabetta Canalis always relies on top-level professionals. Aldo Coppola's team has created a style with a wild mood that plays with volumes on her. Credits Ph.: Elisabetta Canalis @littlecrumb_ on Instagram
The showgirl very often shows herself without make-up. Its compact skin and luminous complexion are enhanced by the lighter shades that go up to blond. The layered cut gives further freshness to the look. Credits Ph.: Elisabetta Canalis @littlecrumb_ on Instagram
Long hair and super glamorous styling. The side parting creates a simple but effective hairstyle. Just fix the roots with a hairpin just above the left ear. The lengths thus shift slightly back creating an asymmetrical look. Credits Ph.: Getty Images
The lengths become gradually lighter with an elegant ombré effect. From naturally brown roots to honey-colored tips. The brushing starts from a full-bodied smooth to end in soft but well-structured waves. Credits Ph.: Getty Images

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