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Gradient hair, the most beautiful inspirations from Instagram
Gradient hair, the most beautiful inspirations from Instagram

Shaded, ombré, rainbow or degradé hair. All the most beautiful ideas from Instagram to copy right away for colored, blonde and brown hair

THE shaded hair, or ombré hair, are one of the biggest trends of recent years and their appeal does not seem to diminish.

In fairytale hair with golden shades and hair rainbow inspired by unicorns And sirens, the result is always high-impact.

Let yourself be tempted by shades made on natural bases, in shades Viola And turquoise or in delicates pastel colours. Browse the gallery to discover the most beautiful ideas of colored gradient hair that we have selected for you from Instagram.

Shaded hair, ideas to copy

capelli sfumati turchesi
Mermaid shaded hair, in shades of turquoise with a degradé effect.
The rainbow hair, shaded hair in pastel shades of the rainbow, is reminiscent of unicorns. To be made on a clear basis.
Shaded hair in the trendiest colors of the season, mixing mauve and rose gold.
capelli sfumati corti
Who said that super long hair is needed to make faded hair? Here is an example of ombré hair in warm caramel shades on a choppy bob.
In the case of dark hair, shades in shades of purple are the most suitable, without having to excessively lighten the hair.
Faded hair on ash-based brown hair. Anti-brass products are a must.
A beautiful shade in the colors of orchids made on a brown base.
The classic ombré in golden tones, starting with a warm light brown base.
For lovers of cold colors, shades in shades of gray, wisteria and lilac.
The very light blond shades stand out even more with a braided hairstyle, in full Frozen style.
The best styling to bring out faded hair? A soft blur, made with natural drying and texturizing products.
The trend of granny hair shows no sign of abating, here they are in the ombré version.

Credits ph.: Instagram

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