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Illuminating masks - the best ones to try now
Illuminating masks - the best ones to try now

Are you tired of the skin that is dull and dull, almost asphyxiated? To give back brightness to the skin is necessary exfoliate and eliminate dead cells, fight discoloration and spots caused by acne or photoaging.

We have selected for you the best illuminating masks, with resurfacing and revitalizing action. The key ingredients? The acids ed fruit enzymes, but also natural plant extracts that fight impurities and dullness caused by oxidative stress.

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Illuminating masks: the top products

maschere illuminanti tata harper
All natural ingredients for this mask that exfoliates and renews the skin of the face. Fruit enzymes, pink clay and willow extracts deeply purify, leaving the skin radiant.
maschere illuminanti oskia
The brightness passes through the exfoliation and the elimination of dead cells. This resurfacing action mask makes the complexion radiant and reduces the appearance of expression lines, favoring cell turnover.
maschere illuminanti emma hardie
Moisturizing and nourishing mask with anti-aging action enriched with natural extracts of moringa oil and avocado to make the skin plump and radiant.
maschere illuminanti aurelia probiotic skincare
Natural extracts and probiotics to promote cell renewal, fighting inflammatory conditions of the skin. Damask rose extract, kikui oil, baobab and hibiscus extract nourish and decongest the skin, making it brighter.
maschere illuminanti peter thomas roth
The enzymes extracted from the pumpkin exfoliate without irritating the skin and help the natural regeneration of cells. Alpha hydroxy acids and zinc oxide make the skin smooth and radiant.
maschere illuminanti kiehl’s
Turmeric and cranberry extracts give a boost of energy to tired and dull skin, revitalizing and illuminating it.
maschere illuminanti ren skincare
Glycolic acid mask that smoothes and brightens the skin without irritating it. The natural fruit acids exfoliate, eliminating dead cells, the cause of dull and dull skin. Fights blemishes caused by acne, aging and photo-exposure.
maschere illuminanti TeN – Age Lumina
A convenient 2in1 multitasking product, it can be used both as a cleanser and as a mask. Contains vitamins - PP, A, C and E - which nourish, revitalize and brighten the skin, fighting blemishes and discoloration.
maschere illuminanti the body shop
Vegan friendly mask based on natural extracts that revitalize the skin and make it more radiant and shiny, against the dullness caused by stress and pollution.
maschere illuminanti in tessuto coreane
Directly from Korean cosmetics, a fabric mask with lemon extract, with a strong lightening and illuminating action. Ideal for acne or photoaging spots.
Revitalizing mask for dry skin that makes the skin radiant and supple.

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