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Love: because (sometimes) it is better to keep the foot in more shoes
Love: because (sometimes) it is better to keep the foot in more shoes

To heal a love sickness or when you risk falling back with your ex: ten good reasons to keep your foot in more shoes (temporarily)

Did you just get out of a relationship? Do you need to recover self-esteem? Not ready to commit again? Maybe you should indulge in some harmless flirting, we explain why it could be therapeutic.

For love sickness, in fact, there are only two therapies possible to see positivity and good humor return: let time and flirtations pass.

And since time passes by itself, all you have to do is take the second path, to make the journey faster and more enjoyable.

Attention, we are not talking about going to distribute your virtues, but about innocent and healthy flirting, without an ulterior motive and without going further.

The secret is to move on different fronts to make it work, without thinking about a relationship: relax, we explain in the gallery why it will do you a lot of good.

Because (sometimes) it pays to keep the foot in more shoes

per aumentare l’autostima
After a disappointment in love you need to raise the bar of self-esteem, often you don't really have the strength to seriously commit to someone but you need a distraction or simply something that makes you smile again or that redeem your phone again.
per divertirvi
Sometimes you also need to play down your love life, laugh about it with friends, make fun of guys who are a little awkward or who take themselves too seriously. If you come out of a relationship that has hurt you, nothing better than lightness can cheer you up, so cast the hook and then have fun.
per guardare le cose con distacco
If you have to forget someone who has made you particularly suffer, a nail will not be enough, you will need a little, so you need to move on several fronts to never think about your ex and prevent you from coming back ruinously. Keep your mind and chat busy, you should never, ever want to write him even just a simple "how are you?"
per mettere voi stesse al primo posto
Of course, it is not the only way but you need shock therapy and for this you have to focus on several fronts, so you can not care if he has written to you, if he is online, if he will ask you out, in short if you are flirting with more than one man at the same time there will always be someone who will write to you. Don't you want to return to the sad person who waits for an answer for hours with the phone in hand?
per non appiccicarsi troppo presto
What is worse than moving from one obsession to another? In order not to fall into this mistake and not to asphyxiate anyone with continuous messages and phone calls, divide your attention on several fronts and you will see that you will not let them escape. Sure, you might risk not remembering what you told one and what to the other, but the tactic of pretending to be dizzy always works.
per non chiudere nessuna porta
Focusing only on one guy means not seeing anyone else go by and again foreclosing on possible encounters. Sometimes in life it is necessary to raise your head and look around, you should not close any doors, perhaps among these there will not be the man of your life but it does not matter. In the meantime, let yourself be chased, it is also good to just feel wanted.
per non drammatizzare
If a first date goes wrong or if he has decided not to call you, you don't need to dramatize, you will go out with the other guy who is texting you. Keeping yourself active on several fronts serves to not get overwhelmed by new useless dramas and will help you not to feel bad about it. This is not the time to give your heart to someone or to give them the power to change your mood, you need to take your life back.
per rimanerci meno male
Are you one of those who usually always need the opinion of friends to send a message or to chat? Are you always hyper insecure? Do you let the fortune teller do the cards before going out with him and interpret every word of Paolo Fox's horoscope? If you are flirting with more than one man you can go for it you have nothing to lose this time.
per ritrovare il sorriso
Sometimes you also need to rediscover the pleasure of playing and flirting, smiling when they are writing you something that flatters you but not necessarily feel obliged to have to go out with him or have to believe in it. In short, you need to make us woo and light up like the screen of your phone.
per sentirvi padrone del gioco
It will serve to convince you that you are the one to lead the game and to have the reins in hand, it will surely allow you to have the right detachment to be able to judge things and abandon a ship if it clearly promises to take you towards the storm or to take only the good. of these situations without giving too much weight to negative things.

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