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The best meat restaurants in Milan
The best meat restaurants in Milan

For those who can't resist the call of Florentine, tagliata, filetti & co, we have selected the best meat restaurants in Milan (in our opinion)

Although the veg trend is gaining momentum, carnivores do not let themselves be intimidated and continue to search for best restaurants where to taste cuts of meat precious products from all over the world.

We are not talking about simple hamburgeries, but about places specialized in grilled, sliced, Florentine, fillets and the most succulent this cuisine can offer.

We have selected for you those who - in our opinion - are the best meat restaurants in Milan: browse the gallery and get ready to try them all!

The best meat restaurants in Milan

Nordic Grill
Not just an excellent meat restaurant, but a place where you can breathe an intimate, warm atmosphere with attention to the smallest details. Chefs Matteo Pisciotta and Andrea Piantanida will offer you a selection of cuts from all over the world, from Australian Black Angus to Irish Aberdeen Angus, cooked in a non-invasive way, to allow you to fully savor their taste and freshness. Impossible not to mention the relaxation area, where in the winter months a crackling fireplace reigns supreme, and the suggestive cellar of the restaurant: the choice of wines is very wide, and here you can also treat yourself to an aperitif, spoiling yourself with an unforgettable platter of cold cuts and cheeses. The appointment not to be missed? The one with Sunday brunch: a constantly lit grill and a vast sweet and savory buffet promise to make you forget (at least for a couple of hours) the short time that separates you from the hated Monday.
El Carnicero
If your dream is to taste some very tasty Argentine meat in a scenic Buenos Aires cellar, wait until you book the plane and try this charming restaurant near the Rotonda della Besana. The cellar of El Carnicero boasts an almost unique selection in Milan of Argentine and Spanish wines, with which to accompany Ribs, fillets (the Argentine beef lomo is highly recommended), Florentine cooked on a spectacularly visible grill. Inside the restaurant, you can choose between three different rooms and a covered garden: the most popular are the Patio and the Cocina, while for those in the mood for romance there is the Dueño room. Unmissable, the background tango.
El Porteno
Do you know what porteño means in Argentine? It is a term that identifies those who have lived in the city of Buenos Aires for many generations, and is synonymous with authenticity and fidelity to the traditions that have always flowed into the capital. This elegant restaurant with two locations could not have chosen another name, one "historic" in the Navigli area and the other in the Arena area, where alongside the asado criollo there are other typical Argentine dishes, such as empanadas or pollo en escabeche. The juicy grilled beef, pork and veal cooked slowly with care and dedication, and are accompanied by refined Argentine wines such as Malbec and Torrontes.
Macelleria Popolare
This "shop" opened by Giuseppe Zen, chef and owner of the now well-known Mangiari di Strada in via Lorenteggio, is located inside the Municipal Market in Piazza XXIV Maggio, overlooking the Darsena. It is not a real restaurant, but a place where you can buy and - obviously - enjoy on the spot organic beef and sheep meat from animals strictly reared on pasture and fed on grass. For a different aperitif, ranging from arrosticini, scottadito, Italian-style kebap, Swiss meatballs, up to mondeghili and other delicacies cooked on the spot. Do not miss the ritual glass of wine in combination, at € 3.50 per glass.
The name already tells a lot about Trippa, which has now become a unicum of the Milanese capital: mainly entrails are talked about, but not only. Yes, because this warm and welcoming trattoria that seems to come out of the past, authentically devoid of those ad hoc frills that many places are scattered about, in addition to tripe - its workhorse - also offers one of the best veal with tuna sauce you have ever had. lucky to taste, first courses of fresh pasta and more "traditional" meat courses, as well as a catch of the day. Be inspired by the off-menu items that the very kind and friendly staff will list, and let yourself be tempted by the roast marrow to eat with a spoon, by way of dessert: the carnivore's paradise (also) lives here.
The Brisket
If you have not yet recovered (gastronomically speaking) from your last trip to the United States and still dream of Texan meat at night, Luca Duretti's restaurant is for you. After having been in Texas to learn the best slow & low cooking technique, Duretti managed to bring brisket, that is the smoked beef "brisket", to the Milanese land, whose secret lies in those twelve hours in the room. cooking over low heat. We also point out the other specialties, such as pulled pork, the typical pulled pork, ribs in homemade BBQ sauce and fried potatoes cut into large slices with a sprinkle of paprika. For those who love the strong taste of American cuisine, a never again without.
La Griglia di Varrone
It is a modern and well-designed steakhouse also present in Lucca, which in Milan has chosen its headquarters right in the heart of the nightlife. Careful choice of raw materials and incessant research are what lies at the basis of the gastronomic offer: the American Black Angus and the Australian Black Angus are offered in various cuts only with a selection of PRIME, Wagyu and Fassona Piemontese. If you want to taste something truly unique, then you must try the entraña meat, obtained from the inside of the animal (specifically, the side of the diaphragm): a strong and decisive flavor, with an incomparable tenderness and consistency.
Tiny place run by young Colombian guys, offers the best specialties of Colombian, Peruvian, Dominican and Caribbean cuisines, including very tasty arepas, the Bandeja Paisa, a mixture of meat and sausage, with eggs, rice, salad and plantain, the Arroz Chaofan of rice, meat and soy sauce and the inevitable fried plantain. It would be a crime not to include it in our gallery - as well as for the many excellent meat dishes - because of its Picadera Mamajuana: a particular grilled beef, pork, sausage, pork ribs, heart of beef, king prawns and fried chicken accompanied by green plantain pancakes, ripe plantain pancakes and fried potatoes. The unbeatable quality / price ratio and generous portions will quickly make it an essential stop for all carnivores looking for less "traditional" alternatives.

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