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Everything you have (not) wondered about Harry Potter
Everything you have (not) wondered about Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling launches a new Harry Potter site that hides a secret page with the most credited fan theories

Almost six years have passed since the release in theaters of the last Harry Potter film, ten from that of the book that definitively closed the saga of the most famous wizard in the world.

Yet the passage of time has not affected the enthusiasm of the fans by one iota, who continue to propose theories - sometimes imaginative and improbable, others well-constructed and credible - about the fate of the characters. Such a lasting affection that prompted the writer J.K. Rowling to create a special section of her new site to bring the debate to life. To find it, you need a little effort: you have to scroll with the cursor along the images of the home page and click on the crumpled sheet of paper.

For the moment, the writer has not added any new posts, probably because she is still too busy giving life to the spin off, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them", and the probable film adaptation of the play, "Harry Potter and the curse of the heir".

We have collected some of the most interesting theories from fans.

Browse the gallery to discover them and tell us yours.

The weirdest fan theories about Harry Potter

ginny weasley harry potter
For much of the saga Neville is portrayed as awkward, unsure and with very little familiarity with spells. Then suddenly, in the last few books, the friend of the three protagonists wizards turns into a brave and skilled wizard, even able to kill the snake Nagini and destroy the last horcrux that allows Harry to attack and defeat Voldemort. One theory has tried to explain this metamorphosis. Often throughout the series reference is made to the fact that it is the wand that chooses the wizard and not vice versa (as happened to Harry). In the early books Neville used his father's wand and not a new one. This is why when this one breaks, and he takes a new one, the situation changes and he is able to express his potential.
severus piton harry potter
A fan tried to explain the countless cruelties Harry had to endure because of the Dursleys. In "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" it is revealed that Harry himself, unknowingly, is a horcrux. Already from the previous book it is known that horcruxes exert a negative influence on people. This is why, according to some, the Dursleys behaved so badly with their nephew: they were subject to prolonged exposure to the horcrux inside Harry. A version that clashes with that given by J.K. Rowling, who has repeatedly explained how Harry's uncles were moved by envy.
ron weasley harry potter
One of the most shocking theories is that he would like Harry's friend to be none other than the time-traveling Headmaster of Hogwarts. To support this hypothesis would be the incredible affinities between the two: both are described as tall, with a long nose and red hair (in the case of Dumbledore when he was young); both have a penchant for Tuttigusti jellies plus one; both are passionate about chess. Too bad that this version was clearly denied by Rowling herself.
draco malfoy lupo mannaro
This version of the facts also held the ground for some time on the web, before the writer intervened to categorically deny any possibility. The author's hypothesis, however, was not entirely far-fetched. Draco is repeatedly described with the same words with which Professor Lupine was described, that is, pale, with a hollow face, with obvious dark circles, as if he were sick. Some of his behaviors, then, would coincide perfectly with those of those who have suffered that type of curse: not being able to complete tasks, not being able to complete a transfiguration process.
grattastinchi harry potter
According to a Quora user, Hermione's red cat had been owned by Lily Potter. This theory is supported by the fact that in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", the boy wizard finds an old letter from his mother in which he mentions her cat. This would explain why Crookshanks could not stand Crust, Ron's mouse who was actually Peter Minus, the one who betrayed Lily and James, and instead had a soft spot for Sirius, even in canine form. Also, when Hermione adopts the cat in her first year, the Diagon Alley shopkeeper reveals that it had belonged to another family, but had been there for a long time.
harry potter prigioniero azkaban
Have you ever wondered why wizards live so underground that they can never use their powers without being immediately caught and tried by the Ministry of Magic? According to a theory, long before the events of Harry Potter, wizards and muggles would have clashed in a war in which it would have been the humans without powers to emerge victorious. This would also explain why it was Muggles who tortured and maddened Dumbledore's little sister and why the latter was so in favor of creating a new order with the dark wizard Grindelwald.
harry potter sottoscala
Another very plausible theory that Rowling herself admitted could be the ending of the saga is that Harry would never actually come out of the basement. All the adventures would actually have been the fruit of his imagination, so as a mistreated and imprisoned child he would have invented a world in which he would be the hero. After all, the sentence with which the writer declared that she wanted to use as a conclusion was: "And then Harry woke up in the closet under the stairs."

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