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How to fall in love with your boyfriend again
How to fall in love with your boyfriend again

Are you experiencing a relationship crisis? Awakening feelings is possible, just focus on positive feelings: we explain how

Every love story has its ups and downs and that's right, but if the moments in which you long for the other person to disappear from the face of the earth begin to be more frequent than those made of passion and complicity then it is better to run for cover before it's too late.

In fact, your relationship may not have come to an end, rather you need a bit of "love regulation".

A study published in the scientific journal PLOS One coined this definition to explain how to make it possible for people to fall in love again: just focus on positive thoughts and the feeling towards the partner will grow again. It is therefore a question of changing perspective and focusing on what is good in him.

In the gallery you will find the scientific explanation of the process and five practical ways to direct your thoughts in the positive.

How to fall in love with your boyfriend again

To put yourself in the right way you have to avoid falling into some pitfalls of the mind such as: all or nothing (if it is not perfect then it is terrible); catastrophize (if something is wrong, magnify the situation); to blame (without making an examination of conscience); demand (believe that something is due and must respect one's standards to the letter); to belittle (especially the small important things that the other does). Reducing these kinds of behaviors or thoughts is the first step in opening your mind and heart to positivity.
  • Begin to thank The mind is the engine of everything. For this reason it is always good to pay attention to the stories we tell each other and the black holes in which we slip into our thoughts, because the interpretation of the boyfriend's actions depends on these. Often we focus too much on what is not working in a relationship and this becomes the main thought to the point that it almost turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Gratitude and positive thoughts can facilitate the opposite process and therefore put us in the best mental position to welcome and appreciate the partner and their behaviors.

  • Thinking positive does not mean having hams over your eyes Thinking positive means focusing on the good in the relationship, but here and now and not as it was years ago. It's about appreciating your partner every day, every day. But it also means having the clarity to realize if the story has come to a standstill.

  • Allow yourself some vulnerability The study shows that positive thinking can impact how you perceive your feelings for your boyfriend. Conversely, negativity can only make things worse, placing you on a pedestal from which you will only see the ugliness of your relationship and making you blind and unapproachable. With negative thoughts you risk losing a whole series of nuances and not being able to interpret the good intentions that are hidden behind some behaviors of the partner (especially after a fight).

  • Don't be satisfied Thinking positive when a relationship is bad is of little use and isn't even worth it. "He who seeks, finds," says a proverb. So we might as well look for the best. And once you find it, don't expect everything to be perfect always and forever. Finding the good isn't easy, but changing your approach can make your love life much happier and more peaceful.

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