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Amal Alamuddin is pregnant: two twins for George Clooney
Amal Alamuddin is pregnant: two twins for George Clooney

George Clooney becomes a dad: Amal Alamuddin is pregnant with twins

George Clooney becomes a dad: Amal Alamuddin is pregnant with twins.

The news has been rapidly spreading around the world since it appeared in a Lebanese tabloid, to which a source close to the lawyer 's family allegedly revealed that the latter is pregnant with twins.

The deadline, according to rumors, is expected in March. In recent weeks, rumors of crisis between the actor and his wife had been chasing each other, married in 2014.

Earlier there was talk of the couple's attempts to enlarge the family, so much so that they even wanted to resort to adoption or assisted fertilization.

Procedure that, if the news were confirmed, would seem to have been successful.

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George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin soon parents

  • Parents squared George Clooney soon dad. As revealed by The Daily Star Lebanon, the actor and his wife Amal Alamuddin are expecting not one, but two children. The tabloid, to which a source close to the lawyer's family of origin would have reported the gossip, claims that the couple could soon welcome twins.

  • The countdown According to the Lebanese site, the babies are expected to be born in March, which means that Amal is currently between the sixth and seventh month of pregnancy and that the baby bump would therefore be evident if she showed herself in public. However, none of the couple's spokespersons confirmed or denied the news.

  • The misdirection Amal and George got married in Venice on September 29, 2014, since then rumors of possible pregnancies have often been chased, always denied by the facts and by the sex symbol himself, who in an interview had declared that a child was not his priority. A few months later, again, he claimed that he and his wife were taking time for them.

  • The rumors Last August, some tabloids reported the news that the couple had begun procedures for artificial insemination, a version never confirmed by the two actors. In any case, if Amal were to give birth in March, it would mean that the conception had already taken place this summer.

  • A flash of love For the actor it would be a real revolution, the second by Amal, who has already had the merit of making the most irreducible sex symbol in Hollywood capitulate, always tied to beautiful women without ever reaching the altar. Then the engagement and even the pharaonic wedding in the Lagoon two years ago.

  • A love with interest "They got married because they know that, by joining forces, they can go very far," says an unauthorized biography co-written by two journalists, Malle Brun and Amelle Zad. Which, they point out, does not mean that George and Amal are not in love, but that they would have chosen to combine business with pleasure, adding up the forces to even aim for the White House in the future.