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Short haircuts: the most beautiful of Spring-Summer 2017
Short haircuts: the most beautiful of Spring-Summer 2017

Do you want a new hairlook for the spring season? Here are the short haircuts all to be copied selected from the catwalks

Spring is the season that most of all makes you want to renew your hair look, let yourself be inspired by short haircuts.

Easy to manage, practical and also very versatile, i short hair remain the most comfortable and cool alternative at the same time.

The proposals of the Spring - Summer 2017 they focus on hairstyle with fringe or on bob divided by a central line, without forgetting the sleek look, super short cuts or those moved by soft curls.

If you want to "give us a cut", browse the gallery and find your favorite among the short haircuts of the moment.

Short haircuts: the most beautiful of Spring - Summer 2017

Opt for a different fringe than usual and create a play of volumes with strokes of color.
Designed with precision, the stripe divides the very smooth hair in two. Make sure that the hairdo is enriched with a slight volume, to avoid the flat effect.
The cut for those who love a short bob but don't want a uniform and tidy hair look.
The tuft is worked with gels and ad hoc products that give volume. The reference to the Eighties is evident. Choose it if you have an oval or angular face.
The bangs liven up this unisex hairlook.
Do you have curly hair and love bangs? Choose this type of hair style that covers the entire forehead.
The precisely cut helmet that leaves the forehead uncovered is ideal for faces with not too marked features.
If you love this hairdo, use a specific product that avoids frizz and that knows how to regulate curls well.
Less of a centering. The very short cut is the most radical and, at the same time, more comfortable choice. Be careful though, because it highlights the shape of the face.
This cut favors the natural movement of the hair.
If you have very straight hair, choose this short layered cut with center parting.
This hairdo, enriched by irregular volume, is perfect on square-shaped faces because it softens the features.
The short cut with full but very short bangs is illuminated by platinum blonde for a punk-chic look.
If you like this look, copy it using an extra-strong gel to create waves, micro tufts and volumes.

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