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Medium haircuts: the most glamorous of Spring - Summer 2017
Medium haircuts: the most glamorous of Spring - Summer 2017

Voluminous, with fringe and scaled, medium cuts are always the most popular. Discover with us the best ones for Spring-Summer 2017

THE medium hair cuts of the Spring - Summer 2017 they focus on the fringe or on hair characterized by wavy and scaled lengths.

The bob it is proposed in many variations that adapt well to every face, but it is on the fringe which focuses the creativity of hairstylists. Long, short, full, wavy, curtain, anyone can find the most glamorous solution for their hair.

The style is quite casual even if there are punk-chic variants or with a sleek finish - wet effect.

Browse the gallery with our selection and discover the medium hair cuts to try now.

Medium haircuts: the most beautiful of Spring - Summer 2017

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The long bob is a cut that knows no season. We like it with the slightly disheveled bangs that cover the entire forehead.
A combed layered cut with volume at the top.
Eighties / nineties style cut. The tuft is made voluminous while the tips are combed upwards.
Bob with slightly structured tips, smooth and with a central line with a sleek finish.
Layered, voluminous and curly: eighties hair is still current.
The long bob has the tips slightly "turned" outwards for a glam look.
Very long tuft and with volume. An asymmetrical hairstyle and, at the same time, tidy thanks to the side line.
Scaled and longer at the nape of the neck, then pulled off the front for a disheveled fringe, this hair look is ideal for the undecided.
With fringe and scaled lengths, this cut is recommended for those who love the punk chic mood in a minimal key.
If you prefer classic and simple hairstyles, choose this one with a central line and even lengths. Ideal if you have straight hair.
The cut recommended for those with wavy lengths. The hair is parted by a central part and left to dry naturally.
Neat helmet. The tuft is composed and the lengths are combed to fit snugly against the hairline.
Short bangs + tuft for a rock result. The hair is wavy but lends itself to different finishes.
All curly. For those who love curls and curls and do not want to give up lengths, leaving the forehead uncovered.
Long, full and smooth bangs. One of the coolest proposals for spring 2017.
Super volume effect in the front accentuated by the darker color of the roots.
Yet another bob made unusual by the fringe characterized by vintage waves.
If your hair is very wavy, try combing the hair back using a comb and gel.
To make this medium frayed cut even more special, you can play with the color in the front.
Punk is not dead. The upper part is cut irregularly while the hair, which comes to the shoulders, is wavy and long.

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