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The most coveted golden bachelors in 2017
The most coveted golden bachelors in 2017

The world of celebrities in 2017 has a high rate of fascinating golden bachelors: here are the most coveted

Never before has the sentimental situation of celebrities been overturned in such an important way as in recent months.

Among the consequences, a massive increase in sex symbols on the square.

Among the golden bachelors of 2017, therefore, in addition to those men who have no intention of putting their heads in place, we also find some who can't wait to fall in love again and others who found themselves single by surprise.

We point out the most coveted, waiting to find out how their affairs of the heart will go in 2017.

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By now the storm over Johnny Depp seems to have subsided and, luckily, we hear less and less of his divorce with Amber Heard, who had even accused him of violence. Now the hope is that he will recover, perhaps also thanks to work (in fact, the release of the new chapter of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" is expected) and that he will be back in better shape than ever.
His much-envied union with Angelina Jolie suddenly broke up and everyone has dreamed of healing her wounds ever since. On the other hand, Brad Pitt, despite being already over 50, continues to be one of the most beautiful actors in Hollywood and something tells us that he won't be alone for long.
The unrepentant bachelor life of Jake Gyllenhaal continues who, despite the passing of the years and the wishes of paternity expressed several times, seems to have not yet found his soul mate (or maybe he's okay?). Recently he has been spotted with a beautiful brunette, but she is simply his best friend Greta Caruso.
He has been married for ten years to colleague Jennifer Garner and, despite continuing to live under the same roof as her for the sake of their three children, Ben Affleck can be considered single for all intents and purposes. Sure, many are betting on a flashback with the ex-wife, but the odds of it lasting are minimal.
His bad boy prowess didn't make him the guy a mother would like to see her daughter date with, but Justin Bieber is not only rich and famous, but he's also very cute and sensitive. It shows how much he suffered for the end of his love story with Selena Gomez.
After dating Taylor Swift for some time (according to the evil ones for fiction) Tom Hiddleston is back single, to the delight of his many fans. However, it must be said that he, before meeting the pop-star, has always been rather reserved on the private front and therefore it could be difficult to discover his new flirts.
Considered one of the sexiest men in the world, Jon Hamm was linked for 18 years to actress and screenwriter Jennifer Westfeld, with whom he had even partnered. About two years ago they broke up and since then he declares himself single, even if every now and then he is spotted with some girl.
We first met him thanks to his summer hits, then as a judge at the latest Italian edition of X Factor. In this span of time Alvaro Soler has returned single, but in the meantime he has increased his number of fans, in Italy and beyond. It is therefore to be expected that it will remain free for a little while longer.
He is handsome, likeable, and since taking the role of Marvel hero Captain America his prices have definitely risen. We are talking about Chris Evans, the man of a thousand conquests (ranging from Jessica Biel to Minka Kelly, up to Elizabeth Olsen - or so they say) and has no commitment.
Her ice blue eyes could make any woman melt and yet none seem, at least for the moment, to have managed to break through her heart. Who knows if 2017 will change the cards and make Chris Pine find his soul mate.

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