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The rejuvenating skincare to try after parties and hangovers
The rejuvenating skincare to try after parties and hangovers

The holiday season has come to an end: it's time to start again in the right gear. Discover the 10 skincare products to regenerate the skin after many parties and a few more glasses

After the parties and the extravagances of the Holidays regenerate yourself with one regenerating, purifying skincare And illuminating.

This is indeed the time to nourish the skin with serums and creams of profound power moisturizing, treat it with exfoliants and astringents of the latest generation, which purify without drying out.

To complete your skincare routine, treat yourself to one mask plumping face and lips, without forgetting a few drops of serum anti-fatigue around the eyes.

What are you waiting for? Discover the 10 skincare products to try now.

10 skincare products to try after parties and hangovers

The sheet masks trend has conquered the whole beauty world. Also try the lip treatment version, ideal for repairing the driest ones, after days and days of super glamorous lipsticks.
A few paporizations of this thermal water are enough to soothe stressed and tired skin and provide an instant feeling of well-being and freshness.
Thanks to the formula enriched with luxurious natural ingredients, this serum evens out and illuminates the texture of stressed and fatigued skin.
For a daily treatment that brightens and revives even the most dull complexions, try this moisturizing gel with a fresh and melting texture.
Ideal for those who have been in the wee hours, this eye contour gel gives a feeling of freshness and relief thanks to the metallic applicator that reduces the appearance of bags and swelling.
Inspired by the famous illuminating pearls for the face of the French maison, this fluid stimulates the oxygenation of the skin cells by illuminating it from the inside.
This rich, moisturizing lip balm enhanced with the emollient qualities of pure honey is perfect for a restorative and effective night pack.
Illuminating, anti-fatigue or purifying serum: three formulas for three different needs. Choose the one that's right for you and treat yourself to a targeted intensive treatment.
This richly textured moisturizer is ideal for intensely rehydrating the skin and restoring its radiance.
Spray this spray rich in vitamins and natural ingredients on your face and give yourself an immediate feeling of freshness, energy and hydration.

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