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The looks of celebs for 2017
The looks of celebs for 2017

Who gets off to a good start is half the battle. Here are the looks of the stars for 2017

If with the beginning of the New Year you have also wanted to upset your wardrobe, do not be scared, everything is within the norm. To best accommodate the 2017 we have selected the most successful looks of some celebs, from which to steal some secrets and turn it into a winning weapon.

We are not talking about random names, but about some of the most followed and copied stars on the international scene: from it-girls Alexa Chung And Olivia Palermo, to supermodels like Karlie Kloss And Gigi Hadid, without forgetting even two of the coolest actresses in Hollywood: Jessica Alba And Diane Kruger.

Choose the one in the gallery that is most in tune with your tastes and let yourself be inspired.

The stars to be inspired by in 2017

First on the list, the British fashion icon is famous for her casual and cool style. A look to copy? Cropped jeans, t-shirts, ballet flats and cardigans worn on the shoulders with nonchalance.
Not less is the "colleague" Olivia Palermo, aka the girl with the perfect wardrobe. His innate talent for combinations always leaves us speechless.
Maxi pullover in neutral-colored wool, a pair of suede over-the-knee boots and a leather shoulder strap: a Brazilian top doesn't need much to be super glam.
Over the last year, the model has achieved the global success of her sister Gigi. Also thanks to its style full of well-kept details.
Her name often stands out among the best-dressed Hollywood actresses: thanks to her romantic and feminine style, made more gritty by rock accents.
2016 saw her as the protagonist of outfits that are gradually more and more appropriate: for this reason it deserves to be followed in the new year as well.
The most requested top of 2016 was undoubtedly her. And even away from the catwalks, she enchanted us with effortlessly chic outfits, just like the one in the photo.
The salient features of his style? Few frills and some passe-partout items such as the camel long coat, over the knee boots and a leather trunk.
Masculine details and ultra-feminine garments blend perfectly in the actress's wardrobe, and the result is simply perfect.
Another top model who doesn't miss a beat is the beautiful Karlie Kloss: here she is with a bomber jacket, high-waisted jeans with ankle cuffs and leather ankle boots.
A casual and cool look at the same time, ideal for every day. Long coat, printed t-shirt, ankle-length jeans and sneakers.
The English socialite has an edge when it comes to perfectly successful looks: here she is with a crop top, lace skirt and velvet duster.
Sometimes a small detail is enough to make an outfit special: this is Sienna's philosophy, which adds an original touch to simple total black with a skilful play of contrasts.

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