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Short, medium, wavy layered hair: who they look good on
Short, medium, wavy layered hair: who they look good on

Layered hair looks its best on short and medium cuts. Also worth trying on wavy hair

Would you like to try a layered haircut? It is a versatile option, able to rebalance harmony and i volumes of the face.

Short layered hair: for which face shapeThis hair look frames the face and softens the features. Opt for a pixie cut climbed and slightly moved to have a fairytale air. This type of cut is particularly suitable for those who have the Oval face and is recommended for those who want a girly look.

Medium layered hair: for those with strong featuresIf you have strong features and are afraid that they may harden your face, opt for a medium layered cut that goes beyond the cheeks to the shoulders. This solution also has the advantage of sharpen the cheeks and a slightly prominent jaw.

Wavy layered hair: green light to the natural lookA layered cut is also suitable for making medium wavy or curly cuts more airy and light, following the seasonal trend that wants a natural look and a little wild.

Find the right inspiration for your new one scaled hair look browsing the gallery.

Layered hair, ideas to be inspired by

Jean-Paul-Gaultier capelli scalati
The short cut becomes jaunty and with a deliberate messy effect if made on scaled lengths. Platinum color to make the cut even more impactful.
capelli scalati castani
Wavy hair becomes lighter and more dynamic with scales created ad hoc along the sides of the face.
Capelli corti scalati Aldo Coppola
The pixie cut becomes even more fabulous thanks to the maxi scaled fringe. Hair styling by Monica Coppola.Credits ph.: Aldo Coppola Press Office
capelli scalati platino
Fringe and scaled lengths exhaust the face and lighten the volumes.
Capelli mossi scalati Aldo Coppola
Natural and wild. The right mood for the choppy and scaled cut of the moment. Hair styling by Monica Coppola. Credits ph.: Aldo Coppola Press Office
Capelli corti scalati
The layered cut becomes angelic on short wavy platinum hair.
capelli medi scalati
Grunge mood for the medium scaled cut, with maxi tuft.
capelli corti scalati
The short and layered cut is one of the most versatile hair looks and is particularly suitable for those with a regular face. Hair styling by Stefano Lorenzi. Credits ph.: Aldo Coppola Press Office
capelli ricci scalati
The beauty of curly hair is highlighted by a layered cut made to perfection.
capelli mossi scalati
Wavy, voluminous and layered hair: a hymn to freedom. Hair styling by Mauro Situra. Credits ph.: Aldo Coppola Press Office
capelli scalati caschetto
Straight hair and scaled on a bob, to give volume to fine hair.
capelli scalati ricci
It is the year of the hedgehog. To be worn with a medium layered cut.
capelli scalati corti
Masculine-inspired pixie cut, where the scaling makes everything more jaunty.
capelli scalati frangia
The game of contrasts to make a face that is too regular more interesting. Full and even bangs with scaled lengths to frame the face.Credits ph.: Getty Images
capelli scalati corti
The short layered cut is worn in an easy and natural way.Credits ph.: Getty Images
capelli scalati medi
The scaled bob is a more chic and versatile cut that is easy to maintain.
capelli scalati caschetto
On this helmet the scaling starts only from the middle of the face down, to refine the facial features.
capelli scalati frangia
Medium scaled cut with long fringe, parade only on the tips.
capelli scalati caschetto
The rock effect of a sleek and asymmetrical bob.
capelli scalati biondi
A medium scaled cut moved only towards the tips, creating a contrast with the smooth roots.

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