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Lip makeup: the trends of Spring 2017
Lip makeup: the trends of Spring 2017

From nude lipsticks, in pink and beige shades, to classic red and darker shades. Discover the lip trends for Spring-Summer 2017

For the spring season and for the hottest one, the lips are dressed in natural shades from pink to beige to peach pink for lips like buds.

Among the coolest lipstick colors is the pinkish beige which is ideal with any complexion. The finish is vinyl or opaque for minimal but effective make-up.

Also very trendy dark lipstick like burgundy red and gray also in a glitter version.

You want to discover all the lip makeup trends Spring-Summer 2017? Browse the gallery with the looks from the catwalks and let yourself be inspired.

Lip makeup: the trends of Spring 2017

Beige is the color of the spring season. The most beautiful finish? Creamy and bright.
Creamy gray is new this season.
The lips disappear under a beige covering lipstick.
Glowing make up and transparent gloss for a girly beauty look.
Bon ton make up. Blush and pink lipstick are enough to create this daytime beauty look.
Matte lipstick and graphic look for the eyes. Mood japanese doll for one of the most glamorous make-up of the spring season.
The most springy shade is tangerine, in a matte version.
Dark red for a smudged effect.
Bicolor lips. Fiery red along the edge and matte orange inside.
Intense and opaque red lips stand out on a homogeneous complexion and essential make-up.
Vinyl red in orange tones is always very popular with stylists.
A sixties-seventies look. The lips are colored with an orange-red lipstick with a creamy and velvety finish.
Pair vinyl red with a line of eyeliner for a timeless beauty look.

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