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Ten things to know about Charlize Theron
Ten things to know about Charlize Theron

From childhood trauma to the beginnings in fashion: ten things you (maybe) don't know about Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron she is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but throughout her career she has often shown herself to be ready to give up appearing in favor of talent.

When he did it in "Monster", in 2003, the thing earned her the Oscar.

Then, they join the skill on the big screen elegance in manners and goodness of mind. And this explains why it is loved by both men and women.

And that's why we want to reveal more about him.

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She was born and raised in South Africa

Charlize Theron was born in Benoni, a city not far from Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1975.

Only daughter of Charles and Gerda Theron, boasts French origins from the father's side and Dutch from the mother.

His native language is Afrikaans, but after years and years in the United States he is now fluent in English (which he claims to have learned from soap operas).

In his country the surname should be read Tròn, but being an originally Occitan family name, should be pronounced Theron.

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He had a difficult childhood

Charlize grew up on a farm where she spent most of her days alone.

On June 21, 1991, when she was nearly 16, her alcoholic father assaulted her and her mother after drinking.

The latter shot him in front of his daughter, but she has not undergone any trial because she was given the self defense.

She entered the hearts of Italians thanks to Martini advertising

Not everyone knows that Charlize has lent face and above all side b for one of the most famous spots on Italian TV, the one in which her dress remains entangled in the chair slipping off as she walks away e the drink logo appears on the lower back.

That commercial was the result of a beauty contest for young models that the star won in Positano, which earned her the contract with a modeling agency in Milan, thanks to which he was able to work for more than a year around Europe before moving to the United States.

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She wanted to be a dancer

Moved to New York, Charlize attended Jeoffrey Ballet School, to become a professional dancer, when a knee injury kills her career, as she herself told a few years ago:

“I was in New York for three days as a model and then I spent a whole winter in a windowless basement.

I was shattered when my knee gave out. I realized that I could no longer dance and fell into depression.

My mom came to see me from South Africa and said "Either you understand what you want to do with your life or you go home, you can sulk in South Africa" ​​».


He had a stroke of luck

At 19 Charlize decides to fly to Los Angeles on a one way ticket that her mother had taken from her to give her a chance to groped a career in cinema.

After so much misfortune, this is where his life finally takes the right turn, although he would never have said it since the episode.

The star he was in fact in a bank on Hollywood Boulevard to collect some money her mother had sent her to help with the rent.

Faced with the refusal of the cashier, sets up a drama that catches the attention of an agent, John Crosby, who gives her his business card and procures the first auditions for her and manages to put her in an acting class.

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She was (despite herself) a Playboy cover girl

In May 1999 appears on the cover of Playboy, even if in reality, it was a photo taken years ago, when she was still a model.

On that occasion Charlize decided to sue the magazine by Hugh Hefner for using his image without his consent, but lost the cause.

She is a record holder

By winning the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2003 for her performance in "Monster", Charlize became the first South African woman to ever win an Academy Award.

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She is an activist and a philanthropist

In 2007 the actress founded the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, organization that seeks to help young Africans in HIV prevention.

The following year she is nominated United Nations Messenger of Peace for her commitment not only to African children, but also to women victims of violence, thanks to its collaboration with other organizations.

And also a civil rights activist, as evidenced by his participation in various marches and initiatives.


She got injured several times on the set

Over the years Charlize has found herself having to interpret difficult and often daring parts, which caused her to be small health problems or injuries.

On the set of Aeon Flux, in 2004, he suffered from a herniated disc in the neck after a fall following a series of back flips.

Fortunately, it was enough for her to get back in shape wear a collar for a month.

In 2009 it has contracted a stomach virus following a trip and that same year he underwent a damage to the vocal cords while filming The Road, for shouting too much in a scene where he pretended to be in labor.


He has a little obsession

Like so many other stars, Charlize admitted to suffering from mild OCD.

According to what she herself said, it would be a problem with the cabinets:

“I don't count things or anything like that. I don't mind the mess, I just don't like it when the chaos is hidden.

Because of this I have a problem with messy closets and people who throw things in in bulk e close the doors.

I would never be able to sleep because I would obsessively think that there is something wrong in there,”the actress said, confessing to open every wardrobe or drawer that is in front of every hotel where he goes, before he can relax and feel comfortable.

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