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Beauty accessories: the strangest, most revolutionary and effective to try now
Beauty accessories: the strangest, most revolutionary and effective to try now

They have bizarre shapes but are the secret weapon to be beautiful in no time. Discover the most original and effective beauty tools to try now

Special design and incredible functionality. The world of beauty never stops and every day gives us original news, all to try.

From sonic make-up applicators tohairdryer from futurist design through the silicone toothbrush and the detoxifying body brush in natural fibers, discover i most innovative beauty devices and effective of the moment.

We bet you will fall in love with it?

The beauty accessories to try now

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Lightweight, easy to handle, quiet and perfect for creating ultra-fast styling. This "gem" with a futuristic design makes the hair soft and bright. A must try!
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The legendary sonic device for cleaning the skin gets a makeover by becoming more compact and easier to handle. Waterproof, it is perfect to take with you to the gym and on the go. For visibly transformed skin.
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Professional make-up brush whose CosmeFibre® bristles are very delicate on the face. Ideal for blending foundation, powder, bronzer and blush to perfection, it allows perfect application.
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It looks like a strange "torture tool" but it is a five-star beauty accessory that allows you to make a message to the face that can reduce gofiori, expression lines and fatigue, restoring a bright and relaxed face.
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Do you love to wear make-up but brush cleaning is your nightmare? Here is the solution, a synthetic fiber pad specifically created to clean brushes on the fly without wetting them or damaging them.
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It is not a simple toothbrush but "a complete solution for oral hygiene". The exclusive Sonic Pulse technology performs a complete cleansing of the mouth, while the silicone material of which it is composed is anti-bacterial and guaranteed for up to 10 years (the heads are interchangeable!).
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The particular shape of this pillow offers specific support for the head and neck, while also offering lumbar support. Furthermore, the non-absorbent satin covering minimizes the onset of expression lines on the face, maintaining the natural hydration of the skin.
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Can a simple pick-shaped sponge change the way you apply eyeliner? Absolutely yes. The special shape of this beauty tool allows you to draw precise lines for screaming cat eye makeup.
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For an application of foundation and flawless powder, here is the perfect appliance. Using sonic pulsations, it spreads the products perfectly through specific sponges. The result? A fairytale complexion.
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How do you keep the brushes perfectly clean? With this "brush for brushes" with long flexible bristles, able to perfectly remove any residual hair and dust. To try!
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Equipped with two different heads useful to cleanse and massage the face in a complete way, this device visibly improves the appearance of the skin, improving its consistency and texture.
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Lightweight, colorful and easy to use, this device is great for treating even the smallest and most delicate areas, permanently removing excess hair.
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Composed of 46% organic cotton, 46% bamboo fibers and 8% elastane, this super soft cloth absorbs water from curly hair, leaving it perfectly hydrated. Ideal for taking care of the hair with the "plopping" method - which involves drying with a cloth - preserves the softness and curly effect of the hair.
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A face lift in just 5 minutes? With this portable device you can. Ideal for those who want to lift the cheeks, redefine the oval, reduce nasolabial wrinkles and those on the forehead, as well as reduce crow's feet and "raise" the eyebrows, giving a more open look. Wow!
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Exfoliates, stimulates circulation and detoxifies the skin, making it more beautiful and healthy. A little larger than the palm of a hand, it is made up of natural boar bristles and small rubber nodules, while the handle is made of bamboo and cotton. How to use? The brand suggests a morning use on the whole body, with a massage from the bottom up, in the direction of the heart, starting from the legs. The effect? Helps reduce toxins, swelling and the appearance of cellulite.
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Stolen from the beauty kits of the most famous make-up artists in the world, this device is a real make-up airbrush. It applies foundation, powder, bronzer and blush with precision, creating a sensational second skin effect. Welcome to the beauty-future!
The Led-Ionic technology combined with the sonic vibrations of this innovative tool act together with the active ingredients My Eyes Complex Stick bags and dark circles making the eye contour area more relaxed, smooth, luminous and clear.

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