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The metallic enamels of the moment
The metallic enamels of the moment

Discover the metallic nail polishes to wear during the cold season

Rich in the most precious flashes, the metallic enamels they are like molten metal on nails.

Silver, gold, copper and bronze, but also new alloys that give life to one infinite color palette.

Dress like jewels your nails, choosing the metallic enamels among those proposed in the collections of the moment.

Discover the Grazia.IT selection in the gallery.

Metallic enamels of the moment

takes up the raspberry color with a metallic finish and enriches it with a touch of red and fuchsia / purple.
smalti-metallizzati-autunno-2016-Patina Buckle-Vinylux-cnd
recalls the reflections of precious craftsmanship with iridescent metallic flashes that oscillate from purple to military green.
celebrates 15 years of collaboration between the brand and model Kate Moss through a nail polish with a metallic pink nuance.
reminiscent of the bright sunlight during the golden hour of dawn.
brings on the nails the precious reflections of silver.
deep dark green with a metallic and shimmer finish, for a true femme fatale.
enriches the gel texture with the metallic glows of the burgundy hue.
combines the metallic finish with the opaque one to create a variant that gives extreme three-dimensionality to the nails.
wears the classic taupe color with the metallic reflections of bronze.
the metal reflection is taken to the extreme with a mirror effect in lilac tones.

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