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Because we fall in love with those who remind us of our father
Because we fall in love with those who remind us of our father

He has spoiled and pampered us from the day of birth: we explain why we always fall in love with those who remind us of our father

He is the only man who will always love us, on whom we can always count, the only one who will always answer the phone (if he hasn't put it silent by mistake) and that all the daughters end up idealizing.

We're talking about dad, of course.

What we all end up looking for in the man to be placed side by side for life.

May it make us feel as protected as when we were little girls and loved without half measures.

In the gallery we explain why it happens.

Because we fall in love with those who remind us of our father

idealizzare i genitori
Who wouldn't want a man with sound principles and maybe a little old-fashioned, who would make us feel protected and take care of us? It doesn't matter if we are independent women, strong and able to take care of ourselves, being someone's priority is always very nice.
restare bambina
A man who looks like dad brings out the child side of us, allows us to throw tantrums, still sulk and still have someone make some decisions for us. All of this is very reassuring and, when it is not a question of regression or addiction, it makes us feel important.
essere viziata
Dad has always bought you everything that could make you happy, he knows that that expensive bag makes you the most smiling woman on the face of the earth and above all he doesn't start talking about the importance of not wasting money. You are her little girl and she would do anything for you and who wouldn't want a man who can replicate, at least in part, all of this?
litigare in un modo che conoscete
Have you ever told your boyfriend that you feel like you are arguing with your father? You would never, ever want in the world to end up repeating certain mechanisms of adolescence but in the end you find yourself arguing in exactly the same way and with the same little blackmails. Maybe even in this case you are trying to reproduce something you know well.
pensare di avere la stessa vita
Maybe your father taught you to drink very good wines and you want your boyfriend to be equally on point, or he is a lover of beautiful cars and for you the love for four wheels becomes synonymous with masculinity. The same goes for books, travel, or sports. What you saw your father love when you grew up is what according to your instinct corresponds to the male passions.
vi sentite protette
Not that you feel in danger, it is more about a sense of security that makes us feel loved, that peace of mind you feel when someone hugs us and we know we have them on our side regardless of everything else.
qualcuno che risolve i problemi
Who doesn't want a man like MacGyver, capable of solving the problem of the boiler not working? Or the intractable dilemma of how to replace a halogen spotlight? Are you sick of calling your dad to give you tutorials on the phone? If you don't want to use YouTube, it's a sign that you are looking for a man who can do these things for you, just like Dad would.
sapete come ottenere le cose
You know how to get daddy things when you want, just blink a little and make the eyes of Shrek's cat and everything you want will be given to you. It would be awful if this skill couldn't be reused with your boyfriend, wouldn't it?
bello quanto lui
It is not only temperamentally that we are looking for a man who reminds us of our father, but also physically - or at least we will look for in the boyfriends the little obsessions we have recorded in dad's clothing. It's unconscious - we might as well not clash with it.
al cuore non si comanda
Just like your father, your boyfriend will make you angry to the last fiber of your body and make every single hair stand on end in anger. Don't curse yourself for choosing someone so annoyingly similar to dad, he'll also be able to pout you just like that other one did.

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