Sweet Dreams? Yes, but with a four poster bed
Sweet Dreams? Yes, but with a four poster bed

Discovering a (dreamlike) fairytale world with our selection of beautiful and designer canopy beds

Has it ever happened to you to sit on a child's bed to read a fairy tale capable of reconciling his sleep, and to feel the desire to hide your mind inside an imaginary world? The four poster bed is your bedtime story. Try to lie down inside, close your eyes, let go of your thoughts and get ready to write your own nocturnal tale.

"Urbino" by CantoriCantori's «Urbino» proposal straddles the classicism of the wrought iron canopy bed and the modern and essential lines of Nordic taste. It is a perfect example of how this particular type of bed structure, considered demanding and "important", can instead adapt to any environment with extreme ease. The white finish is echoed by the accessories - lamp, bedside table, sheets and carpet - and by the color choices of the walls for a natural and relaxing effect.

1. «Urbino» di Cantori

«Syracuse» by Maisons Du MondeAlso this proposal by Maisons Du Monde takes up the lines of the canopy bed of our grandmothers, reducing to the essential decorations and frills to update them and make them suitable even for the most modern environments. The combination of the white structure and walls with the wood of the parquet and the gray of the blankets and accessories creates a refined, discreet and relaxing contrast. The idea to copy? Leave the canopy bare, without curtains and drapes for a more modern and bright result.

2. «Syracuse» di Maisons Du Monde

«Alcova '09» by MaxAltoA proposal that re-evaluates the purely "feminine" concept of the four-poster bed. This model by MaxAlto is dark, massive, linear and geometric, perfect for him too. To make the difference, in this case, will be the colors and finishes of the accessories. Choosing the whole range of blues and grays, down to earth and beige will give the room a purely masculine look.

3. «Alcova 09» di MaxAlto

«Nemo» by LacasamodernaLacasamoderna's proposal is truly spectacular, combining a total white, linear and simple canopy with a huge white drape hanging from the ceiling. Essential, in this case, to shield the light of the huge window. To imitate the chromatic range of white and gray combined with a single dominant color, in this case the fluorescent yellow, as well as the choice of mixing very different fabrics and textures. The extra touch? undoubtedly the beautiful headboard enriched by a colorful wallpaper with a sure impact.

4. «Nemo» di Lacasamoderna

«Celeste» by Maisons Du MondeThe proposal by Maisons Du Monde highlights one of the perhaps underestimated qualities of the four-poster bed: it is perfect for lofts and open spaces. Its structure, in fact, creates a sort of delimitation, of division of space into space, making walls and dividers almost superfluous. This model, in particular, is particularly suitable for industrial environments and the typical elements of that style such as metal, exposed bricks and wood.

5. «Celeste» di Maisons Du Monde

«Nuvola» by CantoriIt is the romantic and feminine four-poster bed par excellence. Create a refined and calm atmosphere, the elegance of the silk drapes that cover the structure is the ideal setting to write (and live) imaginary stories, to relax and prepare for sleep in the best possible way. It is ideal for country and shabby chic environments, and is best combined with the choice of light and natural fabrics.

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