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Cressida Bonas hair: all her most beautiful hair looks
Cressida Bonas hair: all her most beautiful hair looks

Cressida Bonas hair: blonde, aristocrat, dancer, actress and model, as well as Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend. Cressida has all the qualities to be talked about, especially the most important: personality.

Discover in the gallery all her most beautiful hair looks that reveal the sides of her character: from the chic aristocratic girl to the hippie party girl.

cressida bonas hair

Cressida Bonas capelli: gli hair style dell’aristocratica anticonformista
Central line, side tufts that caress the face, straight hair with soft tips: to accompany this hair style by Cressida Bonas a honey blonde color with warm reflections that focuses on the first half of the hair to progressively lighten, according to the shatush technique.
Cressida Bonas capelli: frangia aperta
The open, long and transforming fringe is the choice of Cressida who can adapt her hair style according to her personality, while the shatush effect on the tips gives light to the smile.
Cressida Bonas capelli: ciuffi frontali schiariti
It is a beauty choice that characterizes all Cressida hair styles: the lighter front tufts give immediate light to the whole face.
Cressida Bonas capelli: side swept sofisticato
In this frame for the Mulberry advertising campaign, Cressida brings her long blonde hair softly to one side, letting the tuft create mystery on the other side of her face left uncovered.
Cressida Bonas capelli: biondo chiaro mosso
Cressida is the protagonist of the new video made by Mulberry and to make it even more graceful and sweet as it whirls there is the hair style that she sports: light blond hair on almost all the lengths, parting in the middle and soft and compact waves.
Cressida Bonas capelli: raccolto sulla sommità della testa
In this look Cressida proposes a semi-harvest that focuses on the top of the head and leaves the long blonde hair and side tufts free: a stratagem to obtain volume only where necessary.
Cressida Bonas capelli: boho chic
The beautiful aristocrat has a hippie soul that shines through in this hair style: the hair is free, wavy and natural.
Cressida Bonas capelli: volume anni 80
Cressida's cut concentrates the volume of the hair on the upper part of the head and, together with the wispy fringe that frames the face, creates a voluminous 80s-inspired look.
Cressida Bonas capelli: festival girl
Music festival look for the party girl version of Cressida: the hair is pulled back into a high ponytail and dropped soft and rebellious over the shoulders.
Cressida Bonas capelli: wavy chic
Wavy chic style for the sophisticated Cressida that gives movement to the lengths, creating a refined and classy look.

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