Skin care master 2013 Sephora by Lancôme: the origins of Lancôme through its iconic perfumes
Skin care master 2013 Sephora by Lancôme: the origins of Lancôme through its iconic perfumes
Beauty Lancome 00 Cover collage
Beauty Lancome 00 Cover collage
. The Sephora leather experts, selected through an internal elimination phase, challenged each other with knowledge and experience to win the title of Skin Care Expert Sephora. All within a very suggestive setting: the Maison Lancôme, a place to take a journey through the history of the brand, from its origins to today, among the parfum, soin and make-up products.

The history of Lancôme: it all started with perfumeLancôme was born in 1935 in Paris by the hand of Armand Petitjean, a Parisian perfumer. For him, beauty was above all an art and for this reason he felt the need to create his own beauty brand, with a non-commercial concept but linked to beauty and happiness. He wanted to sublimate the femininity of women, bringing the French perfume tradition and its elegance to the world. Lancôme's first products were the perfumes: five different fragrances, designed for different women, presented at the universal exhibition in Brussels. The rose soon became the symbol of the Maison, which also grew to offer make-up and soin.

Ô de LancômeInside the Maison, the journey to discover iconic perfumes begins with Ô de Lancôme. Here we discover a first peculiarity that characterizes Lancôme perfumes: each fragrance has a smile - the first encounter with the fragrance - and a heart, a symbol of falling in love. Ô de Lancôme's smile is yellow, thanks to the lemon, while her heart recalls a nocturnal walk in a garden, where delicate drops of dew rest on the grass. Everything is reproduced thanks to jasmine and honeysuckle for an iconic result like the Lancôme Ô.

Trésor Trésor is the symbolic fragrance of Lancôme: an olfactory signature born in 1990 thanks to Sophia Grojman, unprecedented at the time and still modern. Sophia created this fragrance with women in mind: a full bouquet, full of sweetness and charming. Trésor wants to convey a timeless emotion and is an ode to love. Her heart is the queen of flowers: the rose so loved by Monsieur Petitjean. Peach, on the other hand, is the smile that illuminates the flowery heart.

La Vie Est BelleOne of the dreams of the founder of Lancôme was to create a perfume that smiles, not only thanks to its olfactory notes, but through the crystal of the ampoule. At the time it was impossible, but today this dream has come true. La Vie Est Belle it is the answer to the universal pursuit of happiness and the crystal "smiles" with the stylized inlay on the bottle. Her heart is iris, a symbol of happiness, since in the Greek world she is the goddess of good news. The smile is very sweet, thanks to an accord of cotton candy and cassis, which arouses joy. Lancôme dedicates this fragrance to happiness and to women who live without constraints and accept themselves as they are.

The challenge continuesThe day continued inside the make-up room, where Sephora experts followed the seminars dedicated to skin care. Claudio Fratoni, National MUA and Lancôme Make-up & Fragrance Trainer dispensed valuable advice to give customers not only a pleasant shopping experience, but a real moment of well-being. For this reason, the perfect vendeuse must be ready to put the customer at the center of attention, listen to him and ask questions to better understand his needs.

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