Discover your passion and your purpose in life
Discover your passion and your purpose in life
Good vibrations
Good vibrations

Why should you discover your passion and your purpose in life?

In my role as a motivational coach, my mission is to inspire and motivate people and empower them to express their most authentic potential, helping them find their passion and purpose. I firmly believe that we all have a passion and that we need to live it. Until you discover your life purpose, you will not live your full potential. Stand up and be great, do the great things you were born for. When your actions coincide with your purpose in life, you will automatically find yourself serving others.

When we are open and share our passion, we give expression to love, our energy vibrates and only then can we fully shine. And in turn we will be an inspiration to others, who will share their true passion and seek open-mindedness. Imagine a way where we all live and are our passion. By rediscovering a connection with our true selves, we create feelings of happiness. We feel more joy, more love and have a feeling of abundance. When you live with passion you are simply doing what you love.

Passion is the energy that comes from putting more of yourself into what you do - Curt Rosengren

Passion is a powerful energy that comes from within, an electrifying sensation and a source of inspiration for those around us. This energy flows through our body and reaches others, spurring them on to become the people they really want to be. We all have a fire within us, a deeper potential, an inner power, and when we are connected with our true selves, we can rekindle our passion at any moment.

Inhale deeply through your nose and hold your breath for 3 seconds, slowly exhale through your mouth and ask yourself where you are in your life. Be perfectly aware of the emotions and feelings you feel.

Questions to strengthen your awareness - Where am I at this moment in my life? - What would my world be like if I were really living my passion? - What prevents me from progressing towards my passion? - What could be the first step to get closer to my passion? - Do I set limits on myself?

QUIZ: find your passion! Make a list of the things that entertain, inspire and impress you: - What kind of books do you love to read? - What are the TV programs or documentaries you like to watch? - What is a topic that you often mention when talking with friends and acquaintances? - Look at your home: what do you like to collect? Is there a common theme in your home? - Where do you spend most of your time? - Do you have a natural predisposition for something?

Remember to dream big, think big and act big. Recreate a bond with the child within you and try to always have a cheerful and playful spirit.

Thanks for your comments. I await your questions on this topic. If you want to know something about a specific topic, write me a message below; I will dedicate some articles to the topics that will be most requested.

Lots of love, Georgina

My training activities include: inspirational coaching, meditation for relaxation and inner peace, movement and dance to encourage expression, connection and self-awareness through music in order to increase energy and vibrations.

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