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Eva Chen: all the looks of Lucky magazine's Editor-in-Chief
Eva Chen: all the looks of Lucky magazine's Editor-in-Chief

Eva Chen is the Editor-in-Chief of Lucky magazine. Of oriental origins, she was born and raised in Greenwich Village, New York. Her personal style is rather colorful and lively, she often alternates mini dresses above the knee with other more important ones with bare shoulders and detailed details.

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Colorful and lively style, Eva Chen is Lucky Magazine's Editor-in-Chief
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Valentino shoes and suit with floral details
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White sleeveless dress and yellow smiley bag
Long floral in shades of red and black
Mini dress with flower detail at the bottom
Dress with wide sleeves and details in red velvet
Pointed ankle boots and coral pink coat
Black turtleneck and decorated sleeveless

Among the youngest Directors in the Condé Nast team, she has also become a mother for a few months. Her career has followed a rather anomalous path, Eva had in fact started studying medicine when she realized that this was not the way for her.

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Longuette skirt with pattern and top in black leather
Red bomber jacket with black contrasting sleeves
Olive green skirt-pants and leather top
Simple sleeveless dress in shades of fiery red
Short cotton dress with maxi numerical print
A sophisticated look with an embellished top over a simple dress with short sleeves
White duster in contrast with black dress

An eight-month internship at Harper's Bazaar opened the doors to a profession hitherto considered only a passion, and after about a decade between one newspaper and another, in 2013 the right chance came from Lucky Magazine.

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