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Sofia Richie, a new trend setter to keep an eye on
Sofia Richie, a new trend setter to keep an eye on

A worthy heir to her older sister Nicole, Sofia is one of the most photographed at New York Fashion Week. Here because…

Is called Sofia, she is young, petite and very blond and she is the most photographed on the front rows of the New York Fashion Week.

His surname, Richie, it will tell you something. Sofia, 17, is the third child of singer Lionel and seems to have inherited a great sense of style from her half-sister Nicole. Let it be one new trend setter to keep an eye on? We bet on her!

sofia richie

Sofia Richie has an important "fashion legacy" to enforce: discover the looks of Nicole Richie's little sister; for us she is already a trendsetter
In total black on the front row of the DKNY FW 2015-16 fashion show
sofia richie 3
In a total black and white vichy look for the Diane Von Furstenberg fashion show
Striped furry coat at the Marc by Marc Jacobs fashion show
Soft shearling to enrich (and warm up) even the simplest look
sofia richie
An image that dates back to a few months ago to make you understand how her look is evolving
sofia richie 2
Manlike in total white with black top and red accessories
Younger but already aware of what she likes, total black!
Another image that dates back to some time ago: long skirt, bare belly and leather jacket
Mini dress and heel for a more chic (but ordinary) look
Casual in total black at a New York event
At the presentation of Alice + Olivia during New York fashion week: maxi coat and skirt, a difficult but successful combination
Same coat, different look: excellent camel color combined with white

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