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Tommy Hilfiger A / I 2015: the backstage
Tommy Hilfiger A / I 2015: the backstage

Tommy Hilfiger in 2015 he turns 30 and to celebrate he sent out a collection, the one dedicated toA / I 2015, literally winning.

Discover with us the backstage atmosphere and the must-have items to buy right now.

tommy hilfiger backstage 2015

backstage tommy hilfiger 8865@2x
Tommy Hilfiger's backstage vibe seems to be relaxed
Malaika Firth during the make-up session
backstage tommy hilfiger 8869@2x
To each model its number (which corresponds to the look and therefore to its exit on the catwalk)
backstage tommy hilfiger 8893@2x
Madison Stubbington awaits her turn
backstage tommy hilfiger 8873@2x
A few more moments before the start of the show
backstage tommy hilfiger 8876@2x
Malaika Firth

The main vision behind the new collection is the designer's loves. Football, a symbol of American culture, women with a strong character and college style, just that preppy style that he himself has helped to bring back to the fore over the years.

All these passions come together and fit together perfectly in a balanced final puzzle. An absolute novelty of the season, as we had already announced, was the possibility of making purchases immediately, directly from the catwalk to the brand's website.

tommy hilfiger 2015 2

backstage tommy hilfiger 8996@2x
Mr Tommy Hilfiger
backstage tommy hilfiger 8881@2x
Julie Hoomans also takes a look at the other looks while wearing the one chosen for her
Julie Hoomans and Antonina Petkovic, one happy and the other thoughtful
backstage tommy hilfiger 8894@2x
Models and funny faces, a backstage classic
backstage tommy hilfiger 8910@2x
Hanne Gaby Odiele
backstage tommy hilfiger 8943@2x
3, 2, 1 on the catwalk

Which IT leaders to get your hands on right now? All outerwear, especially those with a rounded collar and fur and leather details, lace-up boots, embroidered sweaters and the yellow striped scarf.

tommy hilfiger 2015 products

IT garments to buy: short outerwear
IT garments to buy: short outerwear
IT garments to buy: short outerwear
IT items to buy: sweaters with decorations
IT items to buy: sweaters with decorations
IT items to buy: sweaters with decorations
IT items to buy: lace-up boots
IT items to buy: maxi striped scarf

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