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New York fashion week on the street
New York fashion week on the street

Start the New York Fashion Week: discover the looks street style photographed for us, off the show, by Victoria Adamson.

nyfw street style

NY AW15DAY7 111
An underground look with smiley tees
Charlotte from The Fashion Guitar with a very long green coat enlivened by a Valentino bag and Gucci boots
NY AW15DAY7 69
Shiona Turini with a maxi pink fur coat worn over a striped jacket
NY AW15DAY7 89
Tamu McPherson with short fur coat, fedora hat and Paula Cademartori mini bag
NY AW15DAY7 67
Gala Gonzalez sports a long ivory pinafore paired with a dark shirt with collar (and inevitable hat)
NY AW15DAY7 43
Sarah Harris in sneakers, eco pants and fur cape
NY AW15DAY7 102
Palazzo trousers with yellow band and "Love" bag
NY AW15DAY7 116
Maxi fur worn with belt at the waist
NY AW15DAY6 177
Pencil skirt in suede and fur jacket
NY AW15DAY6 33
Two coats: in New York the trend (useful for protecting yourself from the cold) of wearing two overlapping outerwear
NY AW15DAY6 179
A game of black, red and white for Anya Ziourova in Dsquared2 bermuda shorts
NY AW15DAY6 155
Explosion of color and sporty details
NY AW15DAY6 64
An ivory look with a leather tambourine bag
NY AW15DAY6 115
Patchwork jeans, funny clutch and yellow fur
NY AW15DAY6 44
Two outerwear to protect yourself from the cold
NY AW15DAY6 188
Natalie Hartley, Katherine Ormerod and Pernille Teisbaek sporty and chic
NY AW15DAY6 81
Helena Bordon chooses very warm and fun details
NY AW15DAY5 51
Denim and jacket with leather and fur inserts
NY AW15DAY5 183
Ankle boots and an important coat played down by a pair of ankle-length jeans
NY AW15DAY5 205
The red lipstick brightens up a simple and understated look
NY AW15DAY5 170
Leila yavari with military green leather jacket and total black look
NY AW15DAY5 90
Skilful layering in black lightened by a double shirt (over the turtleneck and tied at the waist)
NY AW15DAY5 120
Eva Chen always smiling
Nicole Warne blogger of Gary Pepper Vintage
NY AW15DAY5 57
Stylish details: Gucci backpack, milk bag, platform and colorful socks
NY AW15DAY5 93
Stella McCartney platform, patchwork fur and suede bag
NY AW15DAY5 42
The evergreen bag is combined with trendy details such as applied writings and sneakers
NY AW15DAY5 149
Shades of gray and white
NY AW15DAY4 116
Wind and frost hit New York: fur details out of the show to warm up (or just to accessorize the look?)
NY AW15DAY4 39
A colorful and super covered trio
NY AW15DAY4 111
Mustard fur for Gala Gonzalez
NY AW15DAY4 184
Faux fur Dalmatian effect and Chanel shoulder bag peeping out
NY AW15DAY4 26
Total white with a touch of red
NY AW15DAY4 132
The detail: Chanel quilted handbag with chains
NY AW15DAY4 10
Chiara Ferragni with jeans, Saint Laurent boots and important fur details (such as the MSGM gloves-mittens)
NY AW15DAY4 75
Patchwork details and warm furs
NY AW15DAY4 79
Stripes and flowers and ankle boots
NY AW15DAY4 141
Total black and blue
NY AW15DAY4 160
Layering game to beat the cold
NY AW15DAY4 104
Opening Ceremony coat with back logo
NY AW15DAY3 44
Multicolor fur stole, white skirt, nineties platform and bare legs
NY AW15DAY3 59
Forest green and purple declined on a wool hat, striped socks and a vintage coat with fur
NY AW15DAY3 248
Daria Shapovalova in full Seventies style with wide brim hat, spotted coat and Balenciaga bag
NY AW15DAY3 142
Leandra Medine, blogger at Manrepeller, combines an extra long coat with red mini dresses (and the inevitable turtleneck)
NY AW15DAY3 204
The bag that explodes on the internet: the Zara potato chips bag
NY AW15DAY3 20
More trends in one look: sheepskin, Mask bag by Louis Vuitton and flare jeans
NY AW15DAY3 218
The shades of gray remain an evergreen
NY AW15DAY3 188
Blogger Kristina Bazan in a very delicate pastel look
NY AW15DAY3 24
Bucket bag, asymmetrical skirt and Y-3 sneaker. An explosion of color for Susie Bubble
NY AW15DAY3 228
Romance under the snow with shades of powder pink and pure white
NY AW15DAY2 153
Color palette as bold as it is apt: sunflower yellow fur collar and bright red trousers
NY AW15DAY2 150
Blogger Jessie Bush sports a shearling coat paired with a sweater and hat
NY AW15DAY2 146
Veronika Heilbrunner in a dark look with a Klein blue dress and a contrasting leather bag
Among the most popular trends is ivory white
NY AW15DAY2 125
Maxi shawl tight at the waist with a belt for Camille Charrière
NY AW15DAY2 18
Extravagant details: pink fur sleeves reminiscent of cotton candy
NY AW15DAY2 190
An off duty model with double bag and windbreaker
NY AW15DAY2 25
Wide cape in cheerful and intense shades
NY AW15DAY2 185
A radiant Caroline Issa
NY AW15DAY2 74
Dark shades with a coat tightened at the waist by a belt
NY AW15DAY2 52
Chanel 2.55 light matched with a calm look and colored hair
NY AW15DAY2 44
Extra large fleece with different tonal gradients
NY AW15DAY2 188
Nike Huarache on the feet and Saint Laurent bag on the shoulder
NY AW15DAY1 67
Lots of color and faux fur for the two Dazed & Confused Fashion Editors, Elizabeth Fraser-Bell and Emma Wyman
Charlotte di The Fashion Guitar
Charlotte, of "The Fashion Guitar", wears a coat with a colorful pattern
NY AW15DAY1 54
Neutral tones even in winter, with a warm and enveloping layering game.
NY AW15DAY1 43
The top is covered but the legs are in view
Tamu McPherson
Tamu McPherson chooses red fringes and a maxi scarf to wear under the hat
NY AW15DAY1 37
Tapestry coat and sculptural sandals
NY AW15DAY1 26
Details: strong geometries for the hand clutch and Rick Owens sneakers
In white dressed with a black biker jacket. The final touch of color is given by the hairstyle
Nausheen Shah
Warmth: Nausheen Shah finds it in a pair of fur gloves
Jenna Lyons di J Crew
Important shapes and volumes for Jenna Lyons, creative director of J Crew

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