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Anna Wintour: identikit of the lady of fashion
Anna Wintour: identikit of the lady of fashion

His word, when it comes to fashion, is that which counts. Let's take a closer look at the style of the director of Vogue USA

At every fashion week all the spotlight is on Anna Wintour, undisputed lady of fashion e since 1988 at the helm of Vogue America.

He is one of the industry figures that most fascinate: lots of curiosities, real or mere Metropolitan legends, helped make it a almost mythical character, fearsome, full of all that charm that every true icon must have.

But how does the one who sets the law in the world of fashion fare in terms of style?

We have grouped her iconic looks in this gallery. Here is ours identikit of the Fashion Boss!

anna wintour paparazzo style

COVER anna wintour
sometimes three or four.

Don't believe it? Here are some examples of it's so nice to wear it twice !, or wearing the same things is not a crime.

anna wintour gallery 2 dresses

and so much more.

To get rid of a bit of curiosity, Condè Nast America herself published a video that last year went crazy on the net: Anna Wintour answers 73 questions about her life, his tastes, his habits.

Here are 14 things you absolutely need to know about Anna Wintour

anna wintour video 73 questions

La sveglia!
What time do you wake up in the morning? At 5 o'clock. And his favorite breakfast? From Starbucks
Can you write down the fashion word you wish everyone would stop using?
The word Anna WIntour cannot hear is… "Journey"!
What is your favorite type of flowers?
What are your favorite flowers? The tuberoses
What’s your favorite season in New York?
Without a doubt "spring", his favorite season is spring
What’s your favorite book?
Anna Wintour's favorite book is Jane Austen's Pride and prejudice. When asked which is the most fashionable character in literature, Rossella O'Hara answers
Who is your favorite action star of all the time?
Anna Wintour's favorite actor is… Hugh Jackman
Cosa non riuscirebbe mai a fare?
To this question Anna Wintour answers… learn Chinese!
What’s your greates phobia?
Anna Wintour has one of the most common phobias: the fear of spiders
Vintage or new?
Anna Wintour declares herself in favor of new, not vintage. What would he never wear? She would never wear black from head to toe
Three items that you always have in your bag
The answer will make many fashionistas eyes wide: Anna Wintour rarely carries a bag with her!
How many emails do you write each day?
An assistant peeps out and asks the Director how many emails he sends per day. The answer? Impossible to count them …
What’s your favorite cocktail?
Anna Wintour does not drink alcohol, loves sparkling water, her favorite food is avocado and loves coffee ice cream
What have you learned from your children?
Anna Wintour has two children and to the question "what have you learned from them" she simply answers "love". Even the toughest woman in the fashion system has a mother's heart!
Selfie… Never!
To end the 73 questions with a flourish, the interviewer asks Wintour "Anna, can you put on your sunglasses and take a selfie with my iPhone?". The answer comes immediately: "I've never taken a selfie and I don't intend to start right now".

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