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Dries Van Noten Inspirations: the exhibition moves to Antwerp
Dries Van Noten Inspirations: the exhibition moves to Antwerp

After a first stop in Paris, the exhibition Inspirations dedicated to Dries Van Noten moves to Belgium, al MoMu, the Fashion Museum in Antwerp.

The idea behind the initiative is to make the public aware of a fundamental aspect of fashion, often hidden from most people, that is, the part that precedes the show, the point where the magic happens. The vision.

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in the front row, passing by famous artists such as Bronzino, Kees Van Donge And Francis Bacon. Without forgetting even the great couturiers, including Elsa Schiaparelli And Christian Dior.

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Photo by Andrew Thomas Show 50 Women Summer 2005 MD new
SS 2015
2014 2013 uomo
SS 2014 / SS 2013
FW 1996-97
99 00
PE 1999 / PE 2000
FW 2009-10 / FW 2011-12
Photo by Mathieu Ridelle Show 66 Women Summer 2009 DVN WSS09 145b
SS 2009

Taking a cue from the Renaissance chambers of wonder and curiosity cabinets, each collector's item is literally piled up, thus conveying to the observer the idea of ​​being in a real memory room, full of souvenirs and pieces of personal history.

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uomo autunno
FW 2014-15
SS 2015
SS 2015

Interest in global themes such as passion, youth, archetype and ambiguity meet in the rooms of the museum, highlighting interesting aspects of Van Noten's creative work, such as, for example, the concept of gender. Typically feminine fabrics are used for men's garments while, on the contrary, explicitly masculine cuts define feminine clothes.

The exhibition opens its doors to the public today, Friday 13 February, and will end on 19 July 2015.

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