Minimal: the ten blogs that set trends
Minimal: the ten blogs that set trends
COVER less more
COVER less more
Love Aesthetics - Amsterdam, Holland Ivania Carpio, a 24-year-old Dutch girl, is probably the best known blogger associated with the definition of minimal. Blue eyes, a faint smile, a look dominated by white and hair that has changed over time between gray, lilac and blue. But above all a lot, a lot of creativity. Ivania's DIY projects - including neoprene skirts and eco-leather tops with raw cuts, plastic cases of old videotapes that turn into transparent clutches, earrings and plexiglass hair clips - earned her a place of honor in the blogosphere and a wide recognition among readers and brands. But Ivania (who is also the mother of the delightful Lois) remains with her feet firmly on the ground and clear ideas. “Minimalism is not a trend. For me it also means decreasing consumption: buying less and investing in those pieces that really represent you. Whether it's fashion, furniture or even food"

2) Ilanka Verhoeven from Fashion Nerdic - Rotterdam, Holland Ilanka is also Dutch and started her blog at a very young age, at eighteen. Now that he is twenty-one his style (also of life) has changed. Having abandoned a few too many low-cost garments and with a platinum blonde (almost white) bob, Ilanka today shows us modern monochromatic looks centered on white, on asymmetries, on the geometries of the cuts. And alternative photographic shots between walls of marble, concrete and industrial locations. Ilanka is passionate about fashion and literature, currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts and working as a freelance stylist.

3) Karina De Jesus from Beach and Dress - New York City, USA Karina lives in New York and works as a model. She defines herself as "an explorer of minimalism". In fact, for her, minimalism should not be considered a trend or be used only as a definition to describe monochromatic or simply casual looks. For Karina this is a real lifestyle that has led her, for example, to get rid of many objects at home that she did not need, keeping only those that really still have a function of use. Minimalism for her also means healthy eating, food prepared at home and free of those excesses and the "junk food" of which one is bombarded on a daily basis.

4) Marion Krumphuber from Graphitree - Vienna, Austria Marion is a multimedia designer, lives in Vienna and is 22 years old. His style describes him as “the classic that meets the creative”. He started the blog quite recently, only at the beginning of this year, but already from the first posts he has shown that he has clear ideas. Her blog is dominated by total white, with photos of outfits and objects, always clean, simple and effective.

5) Isabelle Cail from Odd Cut - Paris, France Isabelle is 21 and currently studying in Paris. But he has also lived in Berlin and England and his suitcase quivers when it is closed for too long. He claims he had the inspiration to start his blog after seeing a documentary in Liverpool called "God save my shoes".

6) Milica Obradovic from Moi Minnie - Belgrade, Serbia Milica is a 22 year old who lives in Belgrade, studies fashion and is currently preparing her first personal collection for the final project of her training course. He loves photography and also works as a graphic and web designer. He describes himself as "an introverted but creative and available soul". On her blog she loves to share her personal style but also her thoughts and important parts of her life.

7) Pedro Korshi from Dark Wings City - London, United Kingdom And among the lovers of minimalism there are also some guys. Like Pedro Korshi, blogger, student and independent designer. His dream is precisely to create clothes, since he was thirteen and his grandmother taught him to sew. Its inspiring designer is Martin Margiela for his ability to create much more than "fashion" or simple items to sell. Pedro's style is a mix of minimal pieces and his personal creations, with a strong predilection for leather garments.

8) Mary from Eighty Eight - Lisbon, Portugal The Eighty Eight blog represents for Maria is her little personal cosmos, where she collects everything she loves in the field of fashion and graphic design (the blog is called “Ottantotto” because it is her birth year). Maria is also part of two different musical projects, her groups are called A. M. O. R. and Ervadoce.

9) Zoé Hermsen from Lightning Factory - Hilversum, Holland Lilac-gray-pearl hair and a style that combines love for minimalism, black & white and sportswear, including bomber jackets and sneakers that leave room for a few strokes of color. The Dutch Zoé is 21 years old and an art student.

10) Emily Gallagher from Emzgalz - United Kingdom Emily is English and studying fashion. On her blog, in addition to her outfits that focus on black and white, she also publishes photographs and posts about beauty, interior design and small do-it-yourselfers that she designs and creates herself.