Rate Jennifer Lawrence's look
Rate Jennifer Lawrence's look

Your comments (from Facebook) on Jennifer Lawrence's outfit

jennifer lawrence vota il l
jennifer lawrence vota il l

New appointment with "Vote the look", this week we asked you on Grazia's Facebook page what do you think of the "cropped" look of Jennifer Lawrence. From your answers we understood that this "outfit" has not been very successful (indeed many of you have definitely cut it down) but others, instead, have recognized it as one of the "must of the season". To discover the other celebs with the "cropped" top and the bare stomach and to know what the Fashion Jury of Grazia thinks about it, you just have to go to the newsstands!

Meanwhile, here are some of your comments:

Manuela Russo: I rate 5/10 because I respect her as an actress but in this outfit she could have matched the top differently.

Monia Carminati: Maybe I'd give her a 6 for the courage to dress like this… it's a pretty weird look.

Lisa Campolunghi: The cropped top is in line with this summer's trend but the pants don't do it justice. High-waisted palazzo pants with a longer leg would have slender the figure, instead of weighing it down like in this case. Grade 5.

Alessandra Nadali: I don't like the witty trousers paired with the classic heel, the top is awful! Vote 4!

Ilaria Blanc: Rating 7/10 a good risk, but it pays off! The haircut is aggressive as well as the dark glasses and shoes. Are we talking about a belly in sight? Jennifer follows the air of time. I love the "torero" style pants! Gritty, original and glam look!

Stefania Pilotto: I only give her 6. I don't like such short sweaters without darts!

Emanula Crescenzi: Vote 3! I consider it a cross between the desperate housewife who goes for a run in the morning and the bullfighter's wife who uses her husband's pants as pajamas … Also absurd is the attempt to make the outfit acceptable using the heel … Even the combinations leave something to be desired of colors …

Veronica Daniele I would say 10 in the way of dressing and also in the way of wearing this clothing! Congratulations Jennifer!