Paola and Massimo: wedding on the grass
Paola and Massimo: wedding on the grass
(and our dear friend), Maximum he is a fashion photographer and more (he also shot for us).

They met at school almost ten years ago and one Saturday afternoon in July they pronounced their fateful yes in front of a happy and moving group of relatives and friends. Ceremony in the beautiful basilica of San Magno in Legnano (city of the newlyweds) and "country-style" reception in the middle of the green, a small corner of Provence "cut out" in the Olona Valley, between lavender, wild flowers and a tent under the stars. We asked Paola to tell us about her wedding:

Ceremony and reception: which locations did you choose and why? We chose the Basilica of San Magno in Legnano, which is our city, because it is the one where I was baptized. It has always been my parish and is a beautiful frescoed church by Bramante. I feel perfectly at home there, in the main square. The wedding location instead was The Podere di Binse in Fagnano Olona, in the province of Varese. It is a beautiful structure in the countryside, in the countryside, which has a particular meaning because it belongs to my uncles, so we really were able to make the most of it indulging in everything. We also wanted a very fun and young wedding, simple and informal, without hours and hours at the table, a real party, where everyone could move freely, chat and be at ease: the Podere is perfect for this kind of party.

Did your wedding have a particular "theme" (flowers, favors, etc.)? Lavender. We are lovers of France and especially of Provence. At Podere di Binse there is a lavender field and so we have declined everything on this theme. The favors were lavender honey that we went to recover in the Alpes de Haute Provence, the floral arrangements in the church were made of lavender and aromatic plants, the same on the tables, combined with wild flowers, very simple. The bouquet too. Even the participations had a beautiful illustration by Silvia Pusceddu with a sprig of lavender and two bees, one with a computer in hand, since I'm a web editor, and one with a camera, since Massimo is a professional photographer.

Wedding dress: how was yours and how did you choose it? I bought it at Fairy Workshop in Milan. I didn't want anything exaggerated given the type of marriage. I tried very few and found it immediately, in light chiffon, one shoulder, without tail, combined with a pair of flat jewel sandals. The particular detail of the dress was a sash with a lavender bow, of the same fabric as the dresses of my witnesses, a little American style.

What was it like organizing the wedding? Stressful, "easy", did friends, relatives (wedding planners) help you? It was beautiful, exciting, delusional, stressful, and so many other things together. I had a clear idea of what I wanted and how it was to come. I have organized various events for work, but when it's your turn it becomes even more difficult, you give everything you can and nothing is ever enough. In addition to the catering and tensile structure, we have created some fun corners, such as the Photobooth and the corner where guests could leave us their address to receive a postcard from Australia, where we will go on our honeymoon. The most beautiful thing was having many friends around, such as the deejay who animated the evening, Alessandro Mascheroni, who is a friend of Massimo, the same photographer, Daniele Cherenti, who took wonderful images with great discretion and no intrusiveness. I didn't have a wedding planner, in the sense that the design of everything was mine and Massimo's, but I must say thank you because a great practical hand was given to us by an entourage of wonderful friends who were with me in the sun the days before. to hang lanterns and mount fences and the same day to manage everything, including emergencies. Francesca, Elena, Teresa, Mary, Sabrina, Françoise and of course my aunt and my cousin, from the Podere, had they not been there I don't know what I would have done!

Is the bride or groom more agitated? Both, but more in the days before the wedding day itself, even if waiting for the time of mass, 4 pm, was hard, I was shivering! I must say, however, that once we entered the church the tension dissolved and there were only smiles and lots of fun!

A funny or particular anecdote from that day Surely my 5 year old niece who when I went to my family during the mass for the sign of peace asked me: "Aunt, can I come and sleep at your house this week ?!". And then, the night before, the serenade dressed as Mexicans that Massimo and his friends gave me, with the neighbors facing each other and lots of laughs from both the singers and friends, who arrived on purpose to enjoy my embarrassment!