Regina Dabdab: jewels of nature
Regina Dabdab: jewels of nature
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by the Brazilian Regina Dabdab are a tribute to natural sculptures and fascinate for the unusual harmony of materials

Queen Dabdab, Brazilian from home in Paris, creates jewels and accessories of rare beauty. Like a merchant of ancient times, he travels along the routes of his demanding taste, searching for the material of his art in distant lands. Semi-precious stones of Latin America, corals come from Indonesia, woods that the slow corrode of the waves patiently chisels and deposits on the shores of Corsica. Even the bone they serve as inspiration, deprived of any macabre appearance and enjoyed as organic and sublime architecture. Because Nature is a master of forms and to the designer's inspiration all that remains is to add perfection to perfection.

Many necklaces, in a variety that accords to the type used each time. Their pendants are tied around the neck with a simple lace, filiform leather and slender chains, as if discretion is a form of respect for the work already done in a shell, in a jagged and sharp fragment of crystal, in the graininess of the stone, full-bodied and elegant in itself. Regina adds only a discreet touch, a bathroom in thegold halfway, a streak ofsilver. And that's it.

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