It-girls: Elena Braghieri's summer suitcase
It-girls: Elena Braghieri's summer suitcase
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My Canon, everywhere with me. And a notebook of Muji, because in those days they are also in version 1.0: it is a tradition that I have carried on since I was little, that of collecting the stamps of the shelters I visit (but did you know, that in the Dolomites every shelter has its own stamp ?) and to write the diary. Each holiday has its own notebook of stamps and thoughts (it happens that they are thoughts aimed at a love, and that the notebook is given to that love at the end of the holiday … but this is another story).

Makeup or soap and water?Strictly soap-and-water! I don't even carry mascara in my suitcase, so to speak. Just a cocoa butter. That’s it!

Hat or hair in the wind?Crown more or less in the wind. Hair gathered in a more or less orthodox way during excursions, wild hair (and without the slightest brushing) in the evening.

On the road or organized travel?Trip organized… by me. For years in the same wonderful hotel, why change?

Cabin or picnic on the lawn?Cabin! And I can't wait to get to the refuge to be able to taste its goodness! Like the ricotta cake from the Froneben Refuge, the pappardelle with porcini mushrooms from the Rudi Refuge, the Ampezzo potatoes in front of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Eating a sandwich on the lawn would seem like a crime to me.

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