Rupert Sanderson: shoes to experiment
Rupert Sanderson: shoes to experiment
rupert sanderson, photo credits christian poulot
Yes, you really have to fall in love with her. What do your personal shoes tell about you? I have my shoes resoled many times … I like the idea of ​​having personalized sunglasses and shirts with the creation date. As a shoemaker - as an artisan - what do you think of the Ready-To-Wear industry today? I think it's mostly about brands. A brand is a commodity. Customers have a complex relationship with brands. Global RTW labels are equipped to win the game with the consumer. I can't compete with Miu Miu, but I can prove to be someone who, when it comes to fashion, looks ahead. Would you recommend a particular destination for a trip? Cairo. The best pool? In Italy, in Torre Fantini. It is very close to the factory that makes my shoes. The best beach? Twenty years ago, the island of Timor in Malaysia. The best cocktail? A Martini at Boadas in Barcelona. They do this by pouring it from a height four times greater than the size of the glass. It's perfect. The next stop for a vacation?This summer in Liguria. Italy for two weeks.

You can find Rupert Sanderson's shoes in Italy:


Shops: N ° 30 Milan (Milan), Boule de neige (Milan), Folli Follie (Bologna), Eleonora (Pescara)

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