Chelsea Paris: the shoe tells
Chelsea Paris: the shoe tells
Ankle boot Chelsea Paris
rested elsewhere. Everything until then seemed to suggest it to him. The memories of a child who runs to the shoemaker to adjust the shape of the shoes, the image of the teenager who searches the flea market to find those sandals that no one has. Then, the electrocution. Galeotta was reading an essay on shoe manufacturing during a plane trip from London to Los Angeles. The next stop could only be Milan. «To do my own thing and design my shoes, I had to study. I spent months in stealing the secrets of Italian artisans ».

These are the first steps of Chelsea Paris, the line of shoes that Theresa designs considering herself to all intents and purposes a customer. The most demanding and scrupulous. «Wearing them I want to feel comfortable and above all more confident in my style». And what about aesthetics? Theresa has no doubts, inspiration comes from the past. «It is a challenge to dust off the essence of an ancient model and put it in dialogue with current fashion. Let him tell you what he still has to say »For this, as also happens for the autumn-winter 2013 collection, the suggestions are those of a journey through time and space. Africa, 1920s. Elegance of a new colonial nobility, with the zebra which is transfigured into an art-deco motif on the sandal with a filiform strap and the pony that redraws it ankle boot with ethnic taste. The wicker weave, Theresa's always passion, is instead found in the décolletée with a hint of plateau and strong wooden heel. «They are models that contain different souls. The most disturbing and trendy one, but also the most everyday one. Versatility is another key word in my vocabulary ».

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