IED fashion show: young talents grow
IED fashion show: young talents grow
is the fashion show organized by the European Institute of Design for third year students who have been able to distinguish themselves in terms of creativity and talent.

The winter collections paraded and the experimentation of the textile categories was incredibly varied and accurate. The students were able to skillfully work wool, silk and cotton in their various forms, thus succeeding, together with innovative washing techniques, to present refined looks in line with market trends. Even the printing on fabric has been treated in detail, thanks to the help of the "queen of prints" Marina Nelli who has been collaborating with the IED for years, providing valid and professional technical support, through her experiences at major Maisons such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Costume National, Gianfranco Ferré.

The colorful and monochrome knitwear has given an artisan touch to the event which, through the cooking of wool, needling with other fabrics and jacquard designs, has also enhanced this category. The novelty of this year, however, was the addition of the childrenswear, where the garments of the little ones were modern reinterpretations of a fantastic, creative and joyful world.

Former students of sound and video design also collaborated, making the atmosphere suggestive through video and background music, all connected by the theme of speed. Sara Azzone, as Director of the IED coordinated the whole event, a real success.

We hope these young talents find their way into this wonderful world of fashion.

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