Buratto: strictly personal glasses
Buratto: strictly personal glasses
Buratto occhiali da vista marroni
there is in fact a small section left open, which remains sensitive to subsequent rubbing. It was not intentionally "tumbled", which in technical jargon stands for the final polishing in whirling barrels. A rough segment, a calculated error therefore, which pays off particular and customizable frame glossy we are used to. Whose gimmick is it? Of the very young Matteo Sangalli and Erika Zorzi, couple in creativity and in life. They had already made themselves known with the site Mathery, a platform for the development of unconventional design ideas that focus on recycling. Now that they have turned to optics, they have confirmed their multifaceted talent.

There collection, with a fresh and captivating cleanliness of lines, is made up of eight models in three colors each. They are mostly from sight, with the possibility of having in some cases also the variant alone. The case, made in collaboration with Pijama, is another genius. It only partially covers the glasses, letting coins, keys and purse trinkets do their job of friction and, in some way, of decoration. Infinitely and in absolute freedom of use, as the same logo imprinted on the frame reminds us.

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