The perfect look for an escape from the office to the sea
The perfect look for an escape from the office to the sea
00 Collage cutler and gross paul smith gicci Top List Dall Ufficio Al Mare 1260×840
Weekend by the sea? Here are the perfect garments to start directly from the office!
014 Paul Smith S12
Paul Smith Fashion Show s / s 2012
017 camicia acne
Precious stars instead of buttons on the classic white shirt, by Acne
019 pijiama zara
Soft-line printed pants by Zara
018 hm prod
Fitted blazer with side pockets, by H&M
015 church’s
With rhinestones and stitching the classic Church's lace-ups, in white leather
01 Dkny S12
Dkny Fashion Show s / s 2012
03 dkny
Asymmetrical dress, with red and blue stripes, by DKNY
02 asos
Striped dress with neckline on the back, Asos
04 ysl
Lots of ropes printed on the Yves Saint Laurent dress, in perfect sailor style
06 carine gilson
Retro glamor for the one-piece swimsuit by Carine Gilson
08 tezenis
Striped bikini, Tezenis
07 gucci
Essential and sophisticated, the bikini with laces, by Gucci
05 kaftano tara matthews
Silk kaftan with embroidered edges, by Tara Matthews
012 brian atwood
Striped wedges by Brian Atwood, with crossed straps and ankle strap
013 musa
Flip-flops with stones and swarovski, by Musa
011 ancient greek sandals
Flat sandals in neutral leather, Ancient Greek Sandals
010 eugenia kim
Wide-brimmed hat, navy style, by Eugenia Kim
Sunglasses with ocher frames, by Culter and Gross
09 latte corpo sephora
Lait Corps Hydratant Ensoleillant by Sephora: moisturizes, brightens, and makes the skin gradually more tanned
020 trolley mulberry
Trolley with animalier print and leather profiles, Mulberry

Are you eager to leave for the sea? Discover the perfect look to escape to new shores, directly from the office!

Everything is ready: just a few more hours in the office, and then off you go, off you go for a super weekend at the beach! Hotel booked, suitcase ready and desire to swim and relax to the stars. But what is the perfect look to escape to new shores, without even going home? Find out with us!

Ad hoc he proposed it on the Paul Smith catwalk: a black blazer, printed trousers and a white shirt are enough to face the last day of work with style. We suggest the fitted jacket by H&M, the soft trousers by Zara and the white shirt with sparkling stars instead of buttons, by Acne. The shoes? Church's lace-ups in white leather with stitching and rhinestones will be perfect, which you can then easily replace with the ultra-flat sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals, or the precious ones, with stones and swarovski, by Musa.

Once you arrive in the chosen location, you just have to relax and indulge in fresh and cool outfits, like the one suggested by the DKNY fashion show: asymmetrical long dress with red and blue stripes, wide-brimmed hat, like those of Eugenia Kim, in perfect navy mood, and Brian Atwood's vertiginous wedges, with ankle strap. Always in the sailor style, the longuette dress by Asos, with a neckline on the back, and that of Yves Saint Laurent, with many printed cords, perhaps to be combined with the sunglasses with ocher frames by Culter and Gross.

In Mulberry's delightful animalier trolley, of course, there is also room for costumes: from the essential and sophisticated one by Gucci, to the funny striped bikini by Tezenis, passing through the retro glam of the one-piece swimsuit by Carine Gilson, there is only the spoiled for choice!

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