Alexander Terekhov: the charm of the aristocracy
Alexander Terekhov: the charm of the aristocracy
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have always liked great personalities. Starting with his mother, for whom he was a little over ten years old he designed his first ever dress. Among the most prominent Russian talent, studies at the Moscow Institute of Fashion and Design and apprenticeship by none other than Yves Saint Laurent, this time he allowed himself to be seduced by one of the most beloved and anxiously imitated icons of twentieth-century femininity, although the original is so unattainable that it does not allow replicas. We talk about Grace Kelly, obviously.

The silhouette, for inspiration, has a very 50s flavor. Green light to the longuette that touches the knee, smooth or ruffled by the plissé. Followed by bustier and wasp waist squeezed by the belt, plus some magnificent examples of coat with fur-trimmed collar and sleeves. Cardigan and silk blouse complete the picture all composure and bon ton, which a pictorial use of floral prints revives and embellishes. News, in the sample of materials so far put to good use by Terekhov, the noble Chantilly lace. For dresses of a very feminine elegance, but which do not risk the gooey.

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