Models: interview with David Gandy
Models: interview with David Gandy
093 DG Light Blue
David Gandy in the backstage of the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue fragrance campaign
057 DG Light Blue
Another backstage shot of the campaign for Light Blue shot in Capri
094 DG Light Blue
David comes out of the water for Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue
007 DG Light Blue Digital
Even in black and white David is always a sight
NIN 8860
David Gandy with the fans
TRV 4607
David Gandy signs autographs
NIN 8854
David Gandy interviewed in Milan
TRV 4611
David Gandy with photographer Mariano Vivanco

The most famous white costume in fashion: discover David Gandy with us

Sixth appointment with the protagonists of the men's fashion shows. In fact, on the occasion of the fashion shows dedicated to men, we have decided to select some of the best models of the Milan Fashion Week for you and present them to you. Their opinions, their taste and their style in front of the Italian fashion giant who loves them and chooses them in their complex diversity: analyzed their personalities, discover them and love them with us.

Last but not least we have come to him, the Adonis of Fashion: David Gandy. It is the most desired model in the world, both young and old. Intense blue eyes like the waters of the Mediterranean and a statuesque physique without any defect. He loves Italy and thanks her for giving him the opportunity to become famous through the fragrance's advertising campaign Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana, which sees him as the protagonist in the fullest of his charm during a swim in Capri with a white costume, now an icon of summer men's clothing. Spontaneous and self-confident David responds with a smile to our every question, they advise those who want to maintain a body like his, love, exercise and proper nutrition.

You have been the face of a brand for several seasons that expresses the concept of Italianness more than any other. As a foreigner, are you happy to interpret Italy?I am very proud! I have been collaborating with Dolce & Gabbana for several years, in which I learned to know Italy and to know how to interpret it, always discovering enchanting places like Capri.

How do you consider your experience in Capri and how has your life changed after you appeared in the height of your statuary beauty, wearing the “famous” white bathing suit?Since the campaign came out, I was immediately stormed by many fans: they recognize me on the street, they ask me for autographs, they want to be photographed with me. All this made me very famous and I thank Stefano and Domenico for giving me this great opportunity.

How would you describe the style of this brand?For me it is a brand I look forward to in the country where it was born. It has a very strong identity and has managed to stand out over the years. It is now considered an icon and part of the history of contemporary fashion.

Working in fashion you are in contact with different brands. Different tastes and styles are part of the life of each model. How would you describe your most spontaneous looks?I am spontaneously a guy who loves classic clothing, not only in the field of elegant looks. Even when I go to the gym with jogging in jersey and t-shirt or during a Sunday brunch in jeans and shirt, I always prefer the simplicity and classicism of these categories. I don't like overly constructed or embroidered garments that I find are perfect for editorial.

What do you think are the best characteristics of the “Light Blue” perfume?It is a very fresh and masculine fragrance close to the Mediterranean, its natural territory. Its presence is as intense as the sea breeze.

A secret to keeping yourself so beautiful and young?Love, exercise, healthy eating.

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