Nike: the news for the Olympics in London
Nike: the news for the Olympics in London
DSC 4263
The Nike + Fuelband to enter the FuelFest in London
photo 2
Battersea Power Station, location of the FuelFest
photo 1
Nike's FuelFest at Battersea Power Station
Battersea Power Station from the inside
DSC 4281
At the Nike presentation
DSC 4289
The presentation of Nike news in London
DSC 4296
The new Nike Flyknit
DSC 4299
The new uniforms for the Olympics, light and green
DSC 4301
Charles Barkley and Carl Lewis at the presentation
DSC 4288
The presentation of the new uniforms
DSC 4297
The green uniforms of the Olympics
DSC 4323
The Nike + Training
DSC 4326
Nike + Training ready to try
DSC 4320
String test with Nike + Training
DSC 4317
Tests for Nike + Training
DSC 4333
Ready to test the Nike + Training
DSC 4315
ready to test the Nike + Training
DSC 4340
Baskets to test the Nike + Basketball
DSC 4341
The Nike + Basketball demonstration
DSC 4351
Recording a "dunk" live
DSC 4392
The new Nike models for basketball
DSC 4381
Nike Flyknit technology
DSC 4384
The new Nike Flyknit
DSC 4387
The Nike Lunarglide
DSC 4405
Charles Barkley being interviewed
DSC 4393
Nike basketball news
DSC 4369
The new uniforms of China for the Olympics
DSC 4373
Nike ready to wear for the Olympics

A special event to present Nike's news for the London Olympics

An event that begins with a party can only be a success. And so it was for the one organized by Nike which brought together journalists and industry experts in London to present the news dedicated to the new season and the upcoming Olympics.

At 7.00 pm on Sunday, we are in fact in front of the immense structure of Battersea Power Station, yes the one portrayed in the cover of Animals by Pink Floyd, ready to participate in the first FuelFest. Necessary requirement, to have on the wrist the exclusive Nike + Fuelband, a brand new fitness tracker that converts movements into Fuel, counting the steps and calories consumed every day, already available in the United States and London for purchase and which will also arrive at us in Italy in January. The charm of the place, the presence of stars of the rap scene such as Tinie Tempah and Magnetic Man and the energy of the participants who, while dancing, challenged each other with their own personal Fuel, kicked off a truly unique event of its kind.

Still excited by the evening, we met on Monday to discover and test the news of the Nike world for the Olympics. Carl Lewis and Charles Barkley, emblem of sport and sportsmen, do the honors of the house, allowing everyone to be interviewed in their area of ​​expertise: running and basketball. Here we discover the new one Nike Flyknit, very light shoe, designed to support the foot in precise points and remain thin in others, like a second skin, and the new Nike + Basketball, one of the most technological models, equipped with the Nike + Sport Sensor, a technology found in every basketball model that records information on the player's movements and sends it wirelessly directly to his smartphone, in order to truly measure performance. The same technology is found in the Nike + Training, which records the movements of those who train and gives the possibility to compare their results with those of athletes of the caliber of Rafael Nadal, Lebron James, Hope Solo, which can be found in the Nike + Training app.

After the presentation, it was possible to test the Nike products, the Nike + Training during a session of three tests (jump, rope and run on the spot) and the Nike + Basketball in a makeshift basketball court. Last stop of the tour, the preview discovery of some of the uniforms of the Olympics, from that of China to that of the United States, models designed both for the competition and for the awards, up to the athlete's everyday life.

A truly unique and complete experience, now the Olympics can really begin. Game On World!

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